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Hot Dog Halloween Costume Ideas

Do you love hot dogs? Do you love nothing more than squirting some ketchup on a wiener and having a tasty all-American dinner? Why not tell the world how much you love hot dogs by wearing a hot dog costume this Halloween? While you're at it, get your pets involved, too.

Human Costume

There's a lot of choice out there if you want to dress up as a hot dog for Halloween. You can go for elaborate pre-made costumes that include all of the toppings, or you can make your own costume from fabric if you're the crafty type.

Are your friends into themed costumes? Why not recruit their help and have them dress up like condiments and follow you around? Find some ketchup and mustard costumes, or if you're into spicier toppings, perhaps some hot sauce. There are a lot of things you can do to make a pretty simple food-themed costume into something hilarious.

Dog Costume

Visual puns can certainly be a hit at parties, and if you plan to take your dog out on Halloween night, he'll need a great costume, too. If your dog is a dachshund, a hot dog costume is the perfect choice, but it can also work even if your dog is a less sausage-shaped breed. You can find adorable pre-made costumes from many online retailers.

If you really want to go all out, you can construct a scary makeshift hot dog stand out of pallets or any other wood you have laying around, and you can use your dog as the product, just joking of course. So are you (or your dog) ready to head out into the night and celebrate the season? Remember to offer plenty of relish to the trick-or-treaters!

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