Xzavier's House of Horror

Join Brad and his friends as they explore this haunted house on Halloween night. But be warned, this house is not for the faint of heart: Malevolent creatures lurk inside these walls, enter if you dare!

I can't believe we're doing it," Brad said as they move towards the foreboding edifice.
"Yea, I know," Bill replies, "Were stupid dicks, but I want to prove to our friends that we can spend a night in some old house on Halloween night."
"We should go in," Sue said softly, "it's starting to rain."
"I bet the house is haunted," Jose said as they enter the oak doors.

"Yea," John grunts, "I bet we'll see a lot scary shit..."
"Hay watch your Language," Mike shouts. "There are ladies present." The kids start laughing.
"I kind of like being called a lady," Brenda said, as they enter the house...

The Living Room

The teens enter the house and emerge into the living room. It's a small foreboding room, with several flickering lamps.
"You scared big boy?" Brenda said, gazing at Brad lovingly. Her cherry tongue emerges from her mouth and licks her lips.
"Ha, Ha very funny," Brad laughs. A loud scream vibrates through the house.

"Crap," Carmen yells, "Something just brushed up against my chest. The room starts spinning and things get fuzzy. Several men in shackles emerge from oblivion and glide across the floor. One man breaks free of his restraints and grabs a hatchet from a nearby table. The lights flicker out.

"What's going on?" Brad yells as he turns on his flashlight. A beam of light darts across the blackness and hits Carmen's body. Her body is bound to a small table, her torso is cut in half. Blood and guts spew from her stomach.
"My God, what kind of sick bondage game is this?" Sue clamors.
"Help me!" Carmen cries. Everyone screams in horror...

The lights make a crackling sound and go back on. Carmen is free from the restrains, sitting on a red sofa, laughing nervously, with body intact.
"I felt lightheaded for a few seconds, Carmen said smiling, "but I'm good now."
"Your fricking body was sliced in half," Jose yelled.
"What happened to the bondage guys?" Sue said.
"What bondage guys? Bill inquires. Everybody looks at each other dazed and confused.
"I think we've all been smoking way too much weed tonight." Bill snorts. The teens are a bit unnerved, but everybody was fine.
"Come-on guys," Brad said, "lets explore the house."

Are you kidding me? First Carmen is sliced in half and then she's not. It makes no fricking sense. Who writes this crap anyways? Oh well at least nobody got hurt...

The Kitchen

The group makes their way into the kitchen, it's dark and grungy... "I wonder if there's anything good to eat in the refrigerator?" John said. "Gross, don't do it," one of the girls' cries. "Oh yea," Mike continues, "I see something good." He reaches into an old rusted-out refrigerator and grabs a hairy looking meatball. "Don't do it," Brad said. But it's too late, Mike is chomping away.

"Oh no, I don't feel so good," Mike yells, as he holds his stomach. He gives up a loud belch and up-chucks some nasty white fluid. He drops to the ground. The girls shriek in horror.
"Help him," Jill screams, circling around the room. Brad runs over to help, but it is useless, Mike's body is limp and lifeless.
"I think he's dead, Brad said with a smile. The smile turns to a hearty laugh. The teens look confused. Mike emerges from the floor laughing hysterically.

"Got you guys good," he smiles. Some of the teens are shaking their heads in disbelief.
"You guys are messed up," John said.
"I'm way too stoned to deal with you guys tonight," Bill snorts.
"Sorry," Mike continued," Brad and I couldn't resist. Brad hands Mike a small white towel. "Here you go bud, clean yourself up."

The kids leave the room, but something catches Jill's eye, and she lags behind. She is alone in the kitchen when it comes to life. She screams for help, but nobody comes. Several kitchen utensils swirl around the camber as the floor starts to crumble. A large pot hits her in the head repeatedly, while a sharp steak knife stabs her dead between the eyes...

WTF? I thought these guys are supposed to be teenagers, yet Jill looks like she's pushing thirty. It also looks she had some major titty work done. Oh well, I'm going to miss Jill and her two girls.

The Family Room

The teens make their way into the family room. It's a small dusty room - an old upright piano sits against the wall. They explore the chamber for a few minuets, get bored and leave the room. As they exit a ghostly-figure sits down at the piano and plays Mozart's Funeral March. It's too bad nobody is paying much attention.

The teens move forward... "Look guys," Bill shouts as he waves his arms up and down. "Its a stairway!
"It must lead to the attic," Brenda snorts.
"You think so? I'm going to check it out."
"No! just stay with us," Brad yells. But it's too late, Bill is already half way up the steps...

Ho-hum, a ghost playing Mozart on the piano? Can anything be more boring? If the ghost was playing Stairway to Heven, that would be something.

The Attic

As Bill moves up white steps, a vociferous shrieking sound echoes through the attic as several bats fly past him. A clock sitting on a cardboard box chimes 13 times.

"Oh for god sakes, you'll have to do better if you want to scare me... What the...?" From across the way he sees a sinister looking women sitting in a chair.
"Who's There?" No answer... "Speak!" Still no answer... Upon closer inspection, he realizes the shadowy figure is just an oversized doll. He starts laughing in relief, but abruptly stops when he hears a female voice screaming from the rafters high above.

He looks up and sees a ghastly-looking woman hanging form a noose, her face twitches uncontrollably as her torso swings back and fourth like a pendulum; cold blood drips from her body, hitting Bill's face like a gentle autumn rain. Suddenly the noose snaps and the woman plummets towards him. Bill tries to run, but can't... he's caught inside a sticky spider web.
"Oh No," he yells, as she crashes on top of him, breaking his skinny neck like a twig...

It looks like Bill got caught inside a sticky spider web, that must have been some spider. And a woman hanging form a noose? Sounds like a kinky first date.

The Bathroom

"I need to take a dump," Jose cries.
"My goodness," Sue giggles, "a little too much info." Jose breaks away from the group and opens a blue door and finds himself in a small bathroom. A female zombie in an old tub gives up a startled scream.
"Damn, you scared me," it yells.
"Sorry," Jose replied timidly.
"No problem. As you can see, you caught me in the middle of my bubble bath. Say, tell me what's your name young man?"
"Nice to meet you, my name is Bernice." She extends her dead hand in friendship, but Joes backs away. Don't worry dear, I'm not going to eat you. To be honest I really don't like Mexican food, I'm mostly a consumer of French and Italian cuisine."
"Well you seem like a nice lady," Jose said, as he tries to figure out how to flee the room.

"If you're thinking of leaving, don't bother, we've locked the door from the other side. But like I said before, I won't hurt you. Most people think zombies are flesh eating ghouls with an insatiable appetite to eat human flesh, but that's just a stereotype. We're actually just regular folk living ordinary lives. For God sakes, I'm taking a bubble-bath, what's more ordinary than that?"

"Now, let me tell you a little about my life..." As Bernice rambles on, poor Jose doesn't see that hungry zombie clinging to the celling just above him...

Now things are getting ridiculous, a zombie taking a bubble bath. I've never heard of such rubbish. And what the hell is Bernice wearing? Hello girlfriends lose the clothing.

The Bedroom

Brenda tells her friends she needs to get some shut eye. The group argues about sticking together, however Brenda's stubbornness wins out and she quickly enters one of the bedrooms for a quick nap.

"Holly Crap!" she yells as she enters the room. The room is empty, no future, no windows, nothing.
Suddenly the room starts to rock and roll.
"Oh My God, hay guys, what's happening?" A mechanical sound vibrates inside the chamber as one of the wall starts moving towards her. "What the...?" She turns to escape, but the door she entered is gone! She is inside a tomb with no way out. Obviously, this was just some sort of Halloween prank?

"Time out guys, this isn't funny! You know I'm Claustrophobic. Please stop it." But the wall doesn't stop, instead it accelerates towards her... ten feet away...eight feet...seven... "Help me," She cries as her warm pee drips over the floor.

Just beyond the wall in some distant room, she hears somebody playing Moon Light Sonata on a grand piano. Again, she cries for help, but nobody listens, nobody cares. The smell of urine, and sweat circulates in the frigid air as the wall pushes forward...three...two...one...

Brenda screams as the wall slams into her body at full force - blood squirts from her mouth, eyes pop out of their sockets, bones shatter and break apart. She sucks in one last gulp of air before her brains, guts and blood splatter neatly over the cold green walls...

Poor Brenda, what a way to go. I was hoping the wall would stop in time, but no such luck. On the bright side, Brenda always wanted to lose a few extra pounds.

The Hallway

Mike and Carmen wonder off on their own and minuets later Carmen finds herself alone in the maze of endless hallways that go nowhere.
"Mike are you there?" Carmen yells. "Mike?"
"Mike is dead," a voice whispers down the hall.
"What?" Carmen yells. A freaky ghost holding a scythe amber towards her.

"You herd me bitch, I said he's dead." Hairy male arms break through the floorboard and grab Carmen's legs.
"Oh God!"
"You sure are pretty," the ghostly figure whispers as she moves in closer. "What's your name sweetie?" Carmen starts crying.
"What's wrong sweet-cakes? Don't you like me? Come on now, don't you want to be my friend?
"No, let me go!"
Your free to go - What's wrong? Can't move your legs? You sure had a nice head on your shoulders."
"What?" Carmen clamors.
You herd me bitch," she said as she swings the scythe at Carmen's head, slicing it off with one swing. "I said you had a nice head on your shoulders. Yea, you herd me that time, that's right..."

I hate when a lover says, "your free to go," when your hog-tied at the time. But enough about my kinky sex life. Poor Carmen, just like Anne Boleyn, she couldn't keep her head.

The Dining Room

"This place keeps getting creepier and creepier," Sue said as they enter the dining room. The ambiance is bazar, it's almost like being in a ballroom. The room is empty, except in one corner several nude mannequins sit on rusty chairs. At the front is a dark glass window with a bright glowing light behind it.

"Burr, it's colder then a witch's tit in this part of the house," Brad said.
"Yes, it sure is..." Sue replies, gazing at the mannequins.
"O God," Sue said, "those mannequins are starting to move..."
"Their alive!" a voice cries out. The mannequins jump to their feet and mutate into some hellish looking creature with horrific wings. They fly around the room like bats.

"Let's get out of here," John screams. The teens run out of the room, however Sue is slow into stride and drops behind. The hellish beast grabs Sue's head with its beefy arms and flings her across the room like a rag doll. Her body hits the wall with a thud. The creature laughs hysterically as her body lays still in a pool of blood...

Oh boy, bats flying in the air with beefy arms. What a well written story! Speaking of beef, I'm getting hungry for a nice cut of rare meat, soaked in blood, don't judge.


Brad gets separated from his friends and finds himself alone in the bowels of the house. He moves aimlessly through out the house to find a way out. He enters a small door and walks down a dark corridor...

"What the hell!" A horrific-looking man crawling on the floor runs past him leaving a bloody trail.
"Now what?" Brad clamors. An oversized cat with glowing red eyes strides towards him. Brad tries to run, but can't - he's exhausted, he crashes to the floor. Just before he fades away, the cat extends its furry paw and starts scratching his arm...

When Brad awoke, he found himself in a hospital bed, with an I. V. stuck in one arm.
"Welcome back," Nurse Waters said. "Hey... Don't scratch your arm, you might nock out your I.V.
"Thank Goodness," His mother said with a smile, "your back."

"What happened to me?"
"You were in a car crash honey," mom said, "a very bad car accident on Halloween night."
"How long have I been out?" Nurse Waters gazes at his chart.
"You've been in a coma for about three days now, but your going to be fine, your going to be just fine."
"What about my friends?"
Mom frowns and said, "Your friends didn't make it..."
"All of them?" Mom nodded her head...

"Good Morning," Waters said as she walks over to Brads bed. "It looks like you'll be going home tomorrow."
"Right-on," Brad said with a smile.
"Oh fudge, not again!" Nurse Waters clamors, as she gazes into a mirror. "I hate when I get a zit on my face."
"It doesn't look so bad," Braid replies.
"I know, but Xavier won't like it." She starts scratching her milky-white face vigorously. At first small patches of skin start to flake away, then larger chunks of flesh, blood and hair spew off. She keeps scratching until there's nothing left but her bony skull.
"That's better. Now time for your sponge bath young man..."

What a stupid ending. I think it would have been better if Brad just went home with his mom, the end. Oh well, I'm not a writer, have a nice day.

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