Human Body Halloween Costume Ideas

Exposed Human Body Costume Ideas

What is more attention grabbing than a costume of the human body without any skin on it? There are a few ways to create this costume - you can either purchase it pre-made from online or get creative and do it yourself.

For the premade costumes, is always a great choice, as they have a wide variety of skinless costumes for men, women, and children. A quick search of "skinless human costumes" will surely do the trick and provide you with an abundance of costume choices. There are options for just exposed muscle, exposed bone, exposed organs, and numerous other types of skinless suits.

Exposed Muscles

S h o p     Human Muscle Costumes

One of the most unique Halloween costumes is the exposed human muscle full-body suit. This costume is sure to catch the attention of all partygoers, as the visually stunning anatomy of the human body is fascinating to look at.

• AltSkin's Full Body Suit (Pre-Made Option)

This costume features a zipper back for easy dressing, is made from a blend of polyester and Lycra, and comes in nine sizes to fit children, women, and men. The costume is lightweight and breathable, yet tight to maintain the notion that it truly is exposed anatomy. The costume also allows you to easily unzipper the head so you can mingle with friends while still wearing your costume. Additionally, this product has glowing reviews on Amazon, and people seem to love the way the costume looks.

• Do-It-Yourself Option

For the DIY option of the costume, you'll need to purchase a white/beige skin-tight suit, as we'll be painting on the organs ourselves. Using red paint, create long strides across the suit to mimic, "exposed muscle."

Exposed mussels should be done all along the arms, legs, and shoulders, but be sure to leave the torso clear for now, as that is where we will be drawing our organs. Don't be afraid to utilize small blue lines throughout the muscle to create the effect of veins running throughout the body.

Exposed Organs

S h o p     Exposed Organs T-Shirt

Once again, for the premade costumes, Amazon is always a great choice, as they have a wide variety of skinless costumes for men, women, and children. There are options for just exposed organs, and numerous other types of skinless suits and even shirts.

• Do-It-Yourself Option

For a DIY option start with a pain black t-shirt. At the bottom of the torso and utilize a cream-colored paint to draw the intestines. Add the spleen and liver just above it (Note: some of these organs may be especially difficult to draw but try your best). Just above that, utilize a shade of red to draw two distinct lungs. On top of the lungs, use more blue paint to draw veins and arteries extending upward toward the neck. Of course, if coloring all the organs is too much work you can use one or two base colors and be done with it.

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