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Indian Halloween Costume Ideas

Many of us enjoyed playing Cowboys and Indians when we were young and wearing a transnational Indian costume on Halloween may help revive these childhood memories. If your looking for something different this Halloween season I suggest you were an Indian Warrior or Indian Squaw costume.

Indian Warrior

In order to create an American Indian warrior costume you will need: A long tan or brown fabric. Small quantity of tan felt (for the headband). Beads in different shapes, colors and sizes. Bag of craft feathers, glitter paint or glue sticks. Rick rack. Ordinary glue sticks and wire.

Buy about four yards of brown or tan fabric. It doesn't really matter what type of fabric you will use and it is okay to buy cheap one. Of course, the more expensive it is the more comfortable you will feel, but remember that this won't be your regular outfit . When it comes to the color, you should look for brown color although tan and dark color can do the trick too. Use earthly colors in order to emphasize the connection between American Indians and Mother Nature.

Measure the fabric, fold it in half and remember to cut a hole for your head. You will cut and shape the fabric on your shoulders too in order to get a better form. One of the most interesting parts of American Indian warrior costume is the decorations. You can wear brown pants or even jeans under the upper part of your clothes. When it comes to footwear, American Indians usually wore moccasins. You can buy a pair in the store or modify some of your slippers.

In addition, the hairstyle was important for the American Indian warriors. If you are willing to experiment visit your barber and ask him or her to cut your hair from the sides and create braids from the rest of the hair. If you are not ready to do that, simply make your hair look more wild and free. This won't be a problem for people who have long hair.

Indian Squaw

When someone mentions an Indian warrior we usually think about Indian men, but the truth is that there were some famous female Indian warriors too. This is a simple costume for every girl and women. As you are probably aware the Indian costumes are made of faux suede. But, it's not the material that makes these costumes unique.

For the Indian Squaw warrior Halloween costume you will need the same materials used for regular Indian costume, however in addition you can add a tomahawk, bow and arrow and warrior colors on your body. Of course, this costume can be used by men too although they will need less clothes.

The accessories that you can use can make you stand out from the crowd. For example, you can use arm bands in different colors and shapes. Indian women have also used headbands with interesting motifs, so you can add this accessory too. Of course, don't forget to add a feather in your hair too.

Additional pieces of equipment that will complement the Indian costume, they Include arrows and bow sets, headdresses, spears, hunting knives, necklaces made of different natural elements (you can also use fake teeth if you want to look scarier), interesting boots and other elements are typical for Indian costumes. Keep in mind that when you are wearing these costumes you are actually honoring the Native American history and culture. So, wear these costumes with respect.

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