Invisible Man Halloween Cosutmes

Invisible Man Costume Ideas

There's also something really creepy about seeing a set of clothes walking around with no one in them, so being invisible makes for a great Halloween costume. Here are a few different approaches on how to put your Invisible Man costume together:

• No Face

One method you can use to make yourself appear invisible is to wear an outfit that covers you from head to toe, including a dark hood. Inside the hood, where your face would be, you can wear a mask that makes your head look invisible in the dark.

These masks usually have some kind of reflective material on them, so of course they're not really making your face invisible. In broad daylight, the effect would probably be lost, but at night you will look invisible from far away.

• Where's Your Head?

While this is harder to do, you might look more convincing if you build a costume that allows you to hide your hands and head, so that you look invisible. It's sort of like a headless horseman costume, where your shirt comes up over your head, and your collar is raised, but contains no neck. You would also wear long sleeves that hang past your hands, or put gloves on.

• Classic Bandage

Finally, you can just do the traditional Invisible Man from the old horror movie and wrap your face in bandages, while wearing gloves, sunglasses, and a trench coat. People will usually immediately know who you are because this iconic image is so recognizable. Are you the kind of person who prefers to go unnoticed during Halloween? Hide in the shadows with an Invisible Man costume!

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