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Jack's Horror Costume Ideas

Jack In The Box Costume

I'll get right to point: if your stumped on what to be for Halloween, I've included several Halloween Cosutme ideas for your consideration. You may note the costume ideas (below) have my first name in it, lol. I Hope this helps, best regards, Jack.

One of the most timeless toys for entertaining a young child is the classic Jack in the Box. As you wind up the toy box, a clown bursts out of the top, surprising everyone that is eagerly watching. This costume is incredibly versatile because you can make it as friendly or terrifying as you choose.

• Jack's Clothing

A Jack in the Box can be warm and jovial or sinister and murderous - the choice is yours. To start, you will need a pair of traditional jester shoes. These can be bought at a local Halloween or prop store, but also created by purchasing a large white pair of shoes and painting them to your liking. For the pants, a pair of plain blue jeans will certainly work, or you can choose to experiment with large pants or colorful pajamas.

Next, you need the top of the jester outfit. Here, you need a vibrant, colorful shirt with brightly colored sleeves. You can also make your own clothing by mixing, matching, or sewing different colored cloth together. Be sure to complement the top with a jester's garb around your neck and white gloves on your hands.

• Jack's Face Makeup

Now, it is time for the Jack's makeup. Using white face paint, liberally apply a layer to your cheeks, forehead, chin, and the rest of your face and neck. Apply a layer of brightly colored lipstick with black eyeshadow. Using black face paint, paint one line above each eyelid and one line below each eyelid. Finally, use red face paint or lipstick to add one bright red circle to each cheek.

Finish the costume with a large, eye-popping clown hat. If you desire to make the costume on the scarier side, you can always accessorize with fake teeth and some fake blood dripping down your face or neck.

• Jack's Box

No Jack in the Box is complete without the main ingredient. The box! Every Jack in the Box costume should feature the person busting out of a box. To start, cut the top and bottom out of a large box. Staple a long piece of ribbon on one inside corner of the box. Take another piece and staple it to the opposite inside corner.

Repeat this with another ribbon. The two ribbons should cross over one another and act as suspenders. Use Wood-Look paint from a local hardware store and paint the exterior of the box. This will appear as though you are truly popping out of a wooden box.

Feel free to cut a prop "handle" out of wood and glue it to the outside of the cardboard box. This will mimic the wind-up component of the toy and will have partygoers eager to examine your costume!


Jack-o-lanterns aren't just symbols of the season, they can make a great costume, too. Have you considered taking on a creepy appearance and trying out a pumpkin head Halloween costume? There are a few different ways to go about this classic look:

• Traditional Jack-O-Lanterns

Wear a plastic pumpkin on your head (or a real one, if you can stand the smell) that's carved out to look like a jack-o-lantern. Think of it as a mask that covers your entire head. For the rest of your body, you can wear regular clothing splashed with blood, or a traditional scarecrow garb. Both concepts are easy to make; all it really requires is old clothes which can be purchased at a thrift store.

• Scary Pumpkin Head

Maybe you want to go more for the "crazed killer who happens to wear a pumpkin as a mask" theme. In that case, you can either carve out a pumpkin with a mean smirk, or you can buy a surreal plastic pumpkin head with a more elaborate expression.

The clothes are up to you, but something common and mundane might make the costume more unnerving. After that, choose your weapon: a machete or a scythe might be a good choice since it fits with the whole harvest season. You could say that you're a reaper of human beings.

Add a splash of fake blood if you want further realism. Really, there are so many things you can do with a costume like this. So if you want to celebrate the harvest with a vegetable (or is it a fruit?) on your noggin, consider wearing a pumpkin head Halloween costume this year!

Jack The Ripper Costume

As one episode of Babylon 5 said, he was a man remembered only as... Jack. An infamous serial killer in Victorian England, and apparently the one criminal Sherlock Holmes never caught...

• Jack's Back

Naturally a Jack the Ripper costume opportunities are decently varied, and yet, also not. The trick here is that any costume related to Jack is dependent on period dress. This means Victorian style clothing.

The good news, for men at least, is that Victorian clothing isn't too starkly different from modern formal ware. A black suit without the blazer, cape, cane, and dapper hat can do the trick in a pinch. That said, if you are going to imitate one of the most notorious serial killers in history, you may as well do the job right.

While costume clothing can be used for a more authentic look, the quality will likely pale to what an expert in crafting period clothing could create. That get's expensive, of course. On the bright side, shelling out for the accessories can often let you be a little lax with the clothes. A proper hat, cape, and cane will go a long way to make up for some less appropriately styled clothes. No one knew who the killer was, after all, so as long as you have the style, you have the look.

• Any Victim

As for the victim, whether a worker of the night or one of those fangirls - or boys - who fawns over brooding rebels like Jack, options are again both varied and yet limited to the period in question. Though you could go the Dr. Who route of a time traveler off to solve the case for good, only to fall in love with the killer or some such, that's skirting the spirit of a couple's costumes.

Therefore, some Victorian styled feminine clothing is in order. Generic period costume clothing can work here in a pinch, but as an embodiment of desire for a price, feel free to make the outfit a little fleshier for curb appeal, as it were. Again, period style clothing made by a cosplayer or hobbyist in the field will certainly provide the most authentic results, but that's a lot of money.

If you want a flashy, dressy outfit without the cost, one option is to cheat. The end of the West in the United States coincides with the Victorian Era, so a Western barmaid's outfit - the lacy ones where the women weren't just bartenders - can work if you keep the colors muted and add a few Victorian flares, like proper gloves and shoes.

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