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Billy Puppet Halloween Costume Ideas

Do you want to play a game? If you like to pay homage to the Saw movies this Halloween, why not put together a Billy puppet costume and creep out your friends? Wear a Billy puppet costume or not, make your choice.

• Billy's Outfit

People have always been creeped out by dolls and puppets. There's something otherworldly about them in that they look almost human, but not quit. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Saw movies, Billy the Puppet is the harbinger of all kinds of gruesome situations.

To start you're going to need is Billy's little suit. If you want, there are pre-made costumes that exist, but you can also just go to a thrift shop and find a cheap black suit and a red bow tie. Wear a white shirt underneath and make the whole outfit look a bit dusty and worn. For your feet, get a pair of red leather dress shoes that match the tie if you can.

The mask and makeup is what really makes the costume. You can buy a Billy mask, and that's probably the best choice if you're going for creepy realism, but you can also paint your face white and draw red spirals on both your cheeks. The choice is yours.

• Hair

Billy has long, black hair and the crown of his head is balding. Unless you already have a receding hairline, you might want to buy a bald cap and a wig for this. You could skip the bald cap if it's too much trouble and just have messy black hair on your head, people will still get the picture.

• Props

If you're going to head to a friend's party for Halloween, clearly you will need a mode of transportation. If you can find yourself an adult-sized red tricycle, this would be ideal. Ready to get people to saw their limbs off? Put together a Billy costume and hear their shrieks of terror.

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