Just Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

The cool thing about being a kid on Halloween is getting tons of free candy, plus the experience of creating a unique costume. Most DIY girls costume are easy to make and sometimes only requires a few items. Here's our best 10 Kids Halloween costume suggestions.

Skeleton Costume

To create a basic skeleton find a completely black sweat suit and a pair of white gloves. Purchase a white contact paper and create bone shapes on it before you cut them. After that, simply peel the white paper and stick it on the suit.

When it comes to the head, there are two solutions. The first one requires the use of white and black Halloween paint. You will have to paint your entire face white and add some dark color around your eyes. You must use a combination of black and white for your mouth (you will have to emphasize the jaw). The second option is to wear a skeleton mask - You can buy one at any Halloween store, or create one yourself. In addition, you should wear completely black shoes.


Princes costumes have always been popular during Halloween and you can purchase these dress at any Halloween party store. However, if you want to be creative this Halloween, you might want to make your own unique princess costume.

• The Outfit

If you want to make a basic princess costume without making the design too complicated, then all you need is a child-size apron for the top portion and a skirt for the bottom portion. You won't need to do any sewing or cutting here either, so it is safe for your small child to participate in.

The great thing about using an apron is that it has a loop on the top which goes around the back of the child's neck. This means they can simply wear the dress over their shirt and pants with ease. You will want the shirt to be the same color as the apron and skirt. For example, if you're designing a white princess dress, then have your daughter wear a white long sleeve shirt and white skirt.

• The Accessors

The fun part comes with adding accessories to the apron and skirt, such as ribbons, glitter, and whatever else you want to use to make the dress sparkle. Another idea is to have your child wear a sleeveless upper portion while wearing long satin gloves that stretch up to their elbows.

There are lots of ways you can design a princess costume. It simply depends on what look you want to have for your child. Just experiment with various designs with your child and the two of you can have fun creating an original costume together.


Kids costumes like this are actually pretty simple in concept. Like most child related costumes and entertainment, it involves cardboard and some arts and crafts time. At minimum you'll need a decent sized box for the torso, and a smaller box to make a helmet. You don't need to get too fancy here, because kids love playing with boxes.

That said, feel free to get as involved as you want. Add little accessories like antenna, grab another box to make legs, paint the boxes, and so on as you desire. You're helping your child reach the stars, after all, so why not have fun with it, too?

Alice In Wonderland

Truth to be told, there are several versions of Alice in Wonderland that were introduced to the public. There is of course the book, plus an old movie version and a new one. It is up to you to choose the one that suits you the best. My advice is to stick with the classic look.

In order to make your kid look like a true Alice, you will need blue dress with short sleeves, white stockings, white ribbon for the hair, black shoes, makeup (make sure to find makeup for children), a blond wig and a bottle with colored water that has a Drink Me sign on it. Alice is a very lovable character, make sure your kids are polite and happy on Halloween night in order to emphasize the character.

Harry Potter

Something wicked this way comes! Are you ready to double, double toil and trouble with the classic characters from J.K. Rowling's imagination? Well, saddle up your broom and dress as a charter from Harry Potter this Halloween. Here's how to get started

For the Harry Potter costume start with the Hogwarts student robes that are typical in this universe. You can find many companies making these, from the expensive official ones that you can buy at the Universal theme parks, to the generic knock-offs made of cheap fabric. Pick your threads depending on your budget.

For accessories, you're going to need Harry's glasses and his wand, at the very least. You can get a pair of round glasses at any party or costume store. The wand is a bit trickier. You can make your own, or go for an authentic approach by buying an official Harry Potter movie wand replica. If you're super-cheap, you can just get a generic plastic magic wand at a Halloween store, but those often don't look as good.

To complete the costume, you'll need to think about hair and makeup. A scruffy brown wig should work fine if your hair isn't normally too unruly. Makeup is minimal, just grab an eyebrow pencil and make a lightening bolt scar.

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