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Killer Halloween Costume Ideas

There's something about primal human fear that makes the idea of a killer a good basis for a costume. Many folks have a strange fascination with this fear, which is why people are so interested in seeing manifestations of pure evil during Halloween. Maybe you can be part of this interesting psychological phenomenon by dressing up in a killer Halloween costume.


Psycho Ax Man or Woman - So many horror movies are based on this cliché, but it is still a very creepy and effective idea. If you really have a flair for the morbid, research some actual real-life ax murderers and base your costume around them. At any rate, you can find some pretty convincing-looking fake axes these days. Make sure to buy lots of fake blood, too.

Flesh Eating Zombie - Zombies are particularly disturbing because they not only kill people, they eat them, too! For this costume you'll probably do best wearing tattered, bloody clothes and wearing latex prosthetics to make your face look rotten and ghoulish.

Grim Reaper This is definitely one of the darkest Halloween costume that you can find. Grim reaper is actually a personification of death and is the ultimate taker of life. In order to create this costume, you will need dark clothing (black cloak), makeup to lighten your skin and make it as white as possible and fake scythe. If you manage to get this right, rest assured you'll look creepy.

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