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The Haunted House - The Kitchen

The kids make there way into the kitchen, it's dark and grungy...
"I wonder if there's anything good to eat in the refrigerator?" John said.
"Gross, don't do it," one of the girls cries.
"Oh yea," Mike continues, "I see something good." He reaches into an old rusted-out refrigerator and grabs a hairy looking meatball.
"Don't do it," Brad said. But it's too late, Mike is chomping away.

"Oh no, I don't feel so good," Mike yells, as he holds his stomach. He gives up a loud belch and up-chucks some nasty white fluid. He drops to the ground. The girls shriek in horror.
"Help him," Carmen screams, circling around the room. Brad runs over to help, but it is useless, Mike's body is limp and lifeless.
"I think he's dead, Brad said with a smile. The smile turns to a hearty laugh. The teens look confused. Mike emerges from the floor laughing hysterically.

"Got you guys good," he smiles. Some of the teens are shaking their heads in disbelief.
"You guys are messed up," John said.
"Sorry, Brad and I couldn't resist. We had to liven up this party somehow." Brad hands Mike a small white towel.
"Here you go bud, clean yourself up." Where to next? Enter any room or gravyard (above) to continue: