Hell's Kitchen Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Chef (Hell's Kitchen) Halloween Costume Ideas

Have you ever wanted to work as a chef in Hell's Kitchen? Are you a big fan of Gordon Ramsey or the devil? If so, why not transform yourself into, "Master Chef" this Halloween and show off your culinary skills. Here's how to get things cooking:

Kid's Jr. Chef Costume

Before you can cook with the big boys, you must prove yourself as a Jr. Chef. This Cosutme is prefect for boys and girls and is simple to put together. A basic chef's outfit should include a white hat, white shirt, apron of any color and black or white pants. If you want to make your kid look extra scary for Halloween, splash some fake blood over the apron.

Adult Chef

A traditional chef's uniform should include a white double-breasted jacket, hat or skull cap, and black-and-white hounds tooth checkered pants. (However solid white or black trouser will work too.) For gore, add fake blood and brain-matter on your jacket or apron. In addition to the uniform, and for added fun pretend your chef Ramsey and wave around fake kitchen utensils and shout obscenities at the guest.

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