La La Land Halloween Cosutme Ideas

La La Land Costume Ideas

The film La La Land was widely celebrated for not only its music and plot, but also its aesthetics: the characters on-screen wore simply dazzling outfits that are sure to become Halloween favorites for years to come.

Mia Costume

Mia Costume

In the film, Mia wears a delicate yellow dress that beautifully flows as she dances with her lover Sebastian. To start, of course, you need to purchase a yellow dress. The dress is characterized by its square collar and large shoulder straps. While there are certainly some more expensive dresses on the market, these can be found online. Additionally, she is famous for her Oxford saddle shoes, which can also be purchased online. The white and black shoes are as classy as it gets.

With these two essentials out of the way, let's look at some of the accessories that characterize Mia. Of course, you can buy a shoulder length strawberry blonde wig, but you can also get creative and attempt to dye or color your own hair. Later in the film, Mia also wears an emerald green dress, light-gold high heels, and a green-emerald necklace. All of these products can be purchased online at a relatively low price.

Sebastian Costume

Sebastian Costume

Sebastian is well-known for his classy button-down outfit. To start, you will need to purchase a few dress clothes, but luckily, you may actually have most of them in your closet. You'll first need a white button-down shirt, a black tie, and some black dress pants. Although you may even have a few of these, most of them can be purchased a local department store at a low price.

You will also need a pair of men's Oxford shoes, which can be bought online. The matching shoes between Mia and Sebastian are just one reason why they are considered one of film's most fashionable couples. In some scenes, Sebastian can be seen wearing regular black dress shoes, and you can buy those at a local clothing store as well.

Finally, you will need to finish up Sebastian's costume with some stylish accessories. Most notably, he wears a black leather belt paired with his pants, and an analog, white-face watch with a brown leather strap. Both of these items can be bought at a department store for an incredibly low price.

So, there you have it, a DIY ideas on how to assemble your very own Sebastian and Mia costumes from the acclaimed film La La Land. Make no mistake, if you and your partner show up to a costume party looking as fashionable as Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, you'll most definitely be the life of the party.

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