Lava Creature Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Lava Creature Halloween Costume Ideas

Emerging from the formless void of hot magma is a lava creature. Nothing is scarier than seeing an inhuman creature of molten lava oozing towards you on Halloween night. Why not erupt from your local volcano and be a lava creature this Halloween?

• Makeup

You can conceivably make this costume using body paint or makeup, though it will be a little hard. You could start off by coating yourself in a base of black paint to represent the drying lava and ash, and then add dribbling spots of bright red and orange to be the flowing lava.

You might even want to add brightly-colored prosthetics for a more 3D effect. If you're going somewhere with black-lights, you could even add paint that glows when exposed to UV, and you'll look even creepier as you're wandering around.

• Bodysuit or Pre-Made Costume

This is the easier route to take, since it doesn't require covering yourself from head to toe in paint. You can buy zentai suits or other styles of bodysuit on the market that has lava patterns. You could also buy a pre-made costume that has a lava-style suit in it.

Try to find a mask that looks like it came from the depths of the netherworld. It can just be a plain lava face, or you could even make it more mythological and have a demon head. Use your imagination. If you want to look like a creepy figure that crawled out the mouth of an active volcano, why not dress as a lava creature this Halloween?

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