Leatherface Halloween Costume Ideas

When The Texas Chainsaw Massacre hit theaters in '74, fans were utterly blown away at the shocking displays of violence and gore. Since its debut, the chainsaw wielding lunatic known as "Leatherface" has become a pop culture icon. Here's how to put the costume together:

• The Mask

Get some scraps of flesh-colored or beige leather. Start stitching or gluing the pieces of leather together to form the basic outline of your face; be sure to use large brown or black stitching as well.

Cut out holes for your eyes and mouth. Using a piece of elastic, so it into the back of the mask so that it fits snugly around your head. Next, brush some fake blood and some dirt upon various parts of the mask (remember - Leatherface' s mask is made from real victims, so it should be bloody and unpleasant looking.).

• The Outfit

To start, you will need a tattered pair of denim blue dungarees. Be sure to leave one strap undone, with various holes throughout the outfit. Using some fake blood, drizzle some along the front of the dungarees, letting people know that you've killed before and will not hesitate to do so in the future.

Next, you will need knee high socks and black or brown boots. In other adaptations, Leatherface can be seen wearing a dirty button down shirt and an apron, so feel free to try around with a few of his looks. Remember, Leatherface is neither intelligent nor civil, so it is important to "act" the part as well, being sure to walk and move in a rather stoic matter.


Finally, you will need a weapon, most notably a fake chainsaw or a fake sledgehammer, which can certainly be purchased at any prop store. You can also use real items if you happen to have them in your garage, but due to safety concerns, its best to purchase fake weapons instead.

In addition, you might want to splatter some fake blood over the weapon to show the party guest who's really the boss. So, there you have it, try a Leatherface Halloween costume this year and be the terror of the party.

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