Leopard Makeover

Wild Leopard Face Makeover

leopard face makeup is perfect for those who want to let their wild side out. I've included a few various faces designs you can try. Make sure you use appropriate Halloween face paint and avoid painting too close to the mouth, nose and eyes.

• Painting A Cub Face

Begin between the eyes with sponging on your white face paint down the nose and the upper lip. Ensure you extend the painting out to the sides. Use gold face paint on your eyelids, forehead and cheeks. You should still use the sponge to apply the gold paint.

Next, dip your paint brush into the black paint then paint a line that will go out from the mouth corner towards the nose. Add a black line from your nose to the mouth and paint the top lip black. Paint a cub nose on the tip of your nose. You need to dot on some black whisker holes. The cub's face outline has to be created in curves using the black paint. Add furry ears with the same paint.

Underline the eyes with the black paint and ensure you sweep out at the sides. Add some white face paint so as to highlight the hairs found on the top of the cub's head including sides of your face. Paint the lower lip red and then include the Cub's pointed teeth with white paint.

• Painting A Leopard Face

Apply tan/beige face paint over the face while avoiding your eye and upper lip area. Sponge on some cream face paints onto your eye area. Add a face paint which is rust colored to your upper cheeks. You have to sweep up towards temples, chin and to your forehead sides, and blend.

Add pale cream or white face paint to the upper lip. With black face paint and brush, make a curve beneath the nose and then towards each nostril edge. Extend this black line to the mouth and top lip. Outline muzzle edges and dot on the whisker holes.

Add a thick black edge to your lower and upper eyelids and out towards the sides to create a typical cat's eye. On the bottom lip, apply pink paint and underline using black paint. Ensure you paint a vertical black color on every side of the nose. Finally, add some fur detail to the lines and over eyebrows including short, dashed lines. With the white face paint, include pointed teeth on every side of the lower lip.

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