Lesbian Costume Ideas

The LGBTQ movement has come a long way in receiving proper rights, recognition, and safety, but it is an ongoing struggle. There are always those who resist and hate what they do not understand or fear, and that means vigilance and education are vital. So, too, is representation, and celebration of such causes through demonstration and representation is a great way to show support.

Punk Girl

The punk look is pretty recognizable thanks to the music scene. It's also decently versatile, which makes it a great choice for this sort of clothing situation. A good baseline for this look involves purple hair, usually cut short or spiky, a denim jacket, spiked collar, and some dark colored armbands. For footwear, some black boots are an excellent choice, as they're not only punk, but stylish and also comfortable.

This style makes for a great base to expand upon, as well as working excellently on its own. For example, those with piercings may want to use them to accentuate and compliment the collar, contrast with the hair, and the like. Other darker colors besides purple might be preferred. While black is the next obvious answer, there are other dark, moody colors that exemplify the punk scene.

Biker Gal

The Gay Biker Gal costume will make you look tough, bold, adventurous, and attractive all at the same time. It is a simple costume to design if you use the right clothing and accessories. The first area of your body to focus on is the upper body. There are two good choices for dressing your torso.

You can either wear a black leather jacket or a black shirt with an American flag printed on the front of it. If you wear the shirt, put on a blue denim vest over it. If you're wearing the jacket, do not wear a shirt underneath. Just wear a black bra with nothing else on top other than the jacket. The pants that you'll wear on your lower body will depend on the clothing of your upper body. For example, if you are wearing the black leather jacket, then you don't want to wear black leather pants too.

Biker gals don't usually match everything that they wear. Instead, they like to diversify between the upper and lower bodies. In this case, you will want to wear blue denim pants if you have on a leather jacket. But if you're wearing the shirt and denim vest, then you will wear leather pants on your lower body. As for your feet, you can wear high-heeled black boots.

Do not forget about your forehead area. If you are a female with long hair, you need to wear a black leather hat or a red bandana. These biker hats typically have a chain across the top to give it extra appeal. This is optional to use if you want. The point is that you want to restrain your hair like a real biker gal. When they're riding their motorcycles in high winds, they need to keep their contained so that it is not blowing in their face.

You can choose to add extra jewelry pieces, such as silver necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, to give yourself a more authentic look. And, of course, nothing beats a nice pair of sexy black sunglasses. That will complete the look for sure.

LGBTQ Superwoman

You don't need to be a superhero to support gay rights, but there's no reason not to dress up as one for the cause, to show support, or for fun. This outfit presents a great chance to showcase not just the regular LGBTQ rainbow, but a specific rainbow of the spectrum you feel allied or a part of when you don the costume. Whatever pride you support, the shirt can show that. You can also wear a red or rainbow cape, though it's worth remembering the words of Edna Mode, and her opinion on that matter.

Footwear can make for a fun accessory, though comfort should take precedence. High heels are an option, but some sturdy, stylish boots can work extremely well, too. High heels are not ideal for walking long term, and they're not good for your feet. It really depends on where you go when you wear them. The same goes for boots, though a sturdy pair of comfortable boots in style can go a long way for this outfit.

The fight for gayrights is a constant one. While a lot of inroads and successes are on the books, hate and fear remain strong, especially in certain circles. This should not deter members and their allies from showing their support however they can. Whether it's a costume party, march, or just daily style, the right outfit and accessories can make a statement wherever you choose to wear them.

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