Dark Love Costume Ideas

Dark Love Couples Costume Ideas

Love is a complex aspect of human life. People tend to romanticize love as all roses and sunshine. Love is, however, a complex and fickle matter, and not all of it is rainbows and lollipop guild members. Sometimes, love caters to the darker aspects of human desire, towards the occult and eccentric. This sort of love has its followers, and, while maybe not the most mentally or emotionally stable of relationships, it can make for a really cool costume duo.

• Female Outfit

You don't need to worship The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young for this costume but channeling some Lovecraft or Gothic moodiness is definitely helpful. The number of women's outfits, romantic, sexy, or formal, available in black is frankly ridiculous. Something with a witchy or occult look will really stand out for this costume. With that base in mind, you can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire.

How you style your hair, and the outfit is up to you of course, but don't forget accessories. Silver, purple, and violet all work wonderfully with black, and you may want to consider a violet outfit instead of black if you prefer. Whether you go with rings, chopsticks to do up your hair, or something witchy like finger claws, you have plenty of options, and they should all be pretty easy to find.

• Male Outfit

Men's clothing in this field tends to be trickier to find. While you may be tempted to check the Edgelord section at your local Hot Topic, Gothic and occult styles for men do exist. They might take some time to find, but black is a common enough color for men that, if you get creative and don't mind buying secondhand formal ware, you could make a pretty great outfit. As with a lot of costumes, creativity is a key aspect of obtaining the costume as well as wearing one.

• Accessories

As for accessories, well, why not go full ham and make yourself a black magic staff? A sturdy staff is easy enough to find if you leave near some really nice forests, and, if not, you can buy them. To decorate such a staff, animal skulls are the usual suspect, and fake versions are widely available thanks to science classes across the country.

You can get more involved or specific as well, perhaps using an elk head with antlers, or many a fake animal fur. A fake fur cloak would add barbarian flair to your black magic look, which might be just the sort of thrill your partner found attractive in the first place.

The fun thing about couple's costumes is not only working them out but coming up with the story behind the costumes and the pairing. Feel free to embrace your darker, moodier ideas of love to create a wonderful, esoteric duo who, while their love may be complex and hard to grasp by others, makes complete and perfect sense to those who chose to wear such a costume style as a couple.

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