Mannequin Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Creepy Mannequin Costume Ideas

Have you ever walked into a department store and got chills down your spine as you glance toward the creepy mannequin in the corner? Did it glance back? Did it move? Despite being essentially hunks of plastic in human clothes, mannequins can actually be extraordinarily creepy.

• The Face

To Start, you'll want to buy a plain, white, plastic mask that covers the majority of your face. Purchase a makeup foundation or acrylic paint that closely resembles your own skin tone. Paint the entirety of the mask in this chosen color and allow it to sit until it is dry. This will give the impression that your face is no longer flesh, but rather plastic.

Feel free to further adorn the mask with lipstick, eyeliner, a birthmark, etc. It all depends on how realistic you want the mannequin to look. To make things even creeper you can add some cracks and even some bandages on your skin to show that your old and discarded.

• The Clothing

Next, you'll want to dress as though you were a mannequin, which typically entails department store clothing. For our men, most mannequins wear jeans and a sweater with sneakers, or perhaps a dashing suit with a tie and dress shoes.

For women, most mannequins include a dress with heels or perhaps a wintery look, complete with a sweater and scarf. The clothing is truly up to you! You can also adorn the costume with as many accessories you'd like (jewelry, a weapon, a cane, etc.) Most mannequins you'll see in stores also wear wigs, sometimes oversized. However, you are welcome to wear your natural hair as well.

Finally, feel free to drizzle blood throughout the mask or clothing if you are going for a "murderous mannequin" look. The idea that mannequins can be horrifying was first popularized by the 1979 supernatural-horror Tourist Trap, in which evil mannequins came alive with a lust for blood. When you attend your next Halloween costume gathering as a mannequin, be sure to stand in the corner and wait for unsuspecting partygoers to pass by so you can scare them.

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