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Mermaid Halloween Costume Ideas

If you or your kids are going to a Halloween party, you're going to need a cool costume. Sure; you could run out and buy one, but why not blow people's minds by creating an original mermaid Halloween from scratch? here's how to put one together.

For this costume idea, you're going to need a bit of measuring know-how, but don't worry, you won't need to know how to sew! Holding everything together can be accomplished with Velcro and hot glue. Yay for the sewing-impaired amongst us!

For the tail of your mermaid Halloween costume, you'll want to find a measure of appropriately-colored fabric. (How much will depend on the size of the person for whom you're making the costume.) You can go with basic blue or green, but if you check in a shop that specializes in fabrics for dance costumes, you'll find a variety of fabrics that are magically shimmery. Pick your favorite color.

Of course blue or green will look phenomenal, but why not go really imaginative with a sparkly pink or purple? While you're gathering material for the tail, pick up several yards of your choice of crinkle fabric to use to create the end of the tail.

With the shimmery fabric, you're going to want to make a basic tube skirt. You can faux-sew the material using a hot glue gun, attaching a rectangle of material at the top and bottom of the seams so that they don't pop open. Next, glue the crinkle fabric around the bottom of the skirt to create a tail. You can add on sequins or any additional sparkly accessories to make your mermaid's tail more glamorous.

The top part of the mermaid's costume is similarly easy. For a small child, you can use sparkly fabric (choose a color that compliments the color you picked for the tail) to make a tube top. Attach the top to the skirt, and glue strips of Velcro to the sides of the tube top so that it can be easily be put on over a white, long-sleeved T-shirt.

This makes the perfect mermaid Halloween costume that's modest (and not too cold) for a party or trick-or-treating. For older kids or adults (or to go an easier route), simply purchase a sparkly dance top for the upper half of your mermaid costume.

Don't forget to top off your mermaid costume with a beautiful, glittery bow, or for the ultimate in mermaid royalty, a tiara. Add in a beautiful necklace to really dress your mermaid up. Sparkly eye makeup and glitter lipstick in green and blue will add to your magical, underwater look. Hopefully, these ideas have given you enough inspiration to make your mermaid dreams come true.

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