Monk Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Dark Monk Costume Ideas

Looking for a costume that takes a little bit of holiness and mixes it with a dash of the creeps? A dark monk may just be exactly the kind of costume that will scare away the demons at your next Halloween house party.

• The Robe

Many kinds of creepy costumes involve a robe, so you probably won't have trouble finding some kind of drapery. The problem is, will it be the right kind?

Having the kind of weight to the fabric that you need to pull off a dark monk costume may require your springing for a higher quality robe if you're looking for something authentic. Alternatively, you can buy a cheap polyester robe that is a few sizes too large so that the hood hangs well over your face.

• Accessories (If Any)

Monks don't have very many accessories, so you actually could just get away with wearing nothing but a robe (and nothing underneath), but a simple wooden cross on some cheap hemp cordage would be a nice touch.

If people are going to be able to see your face under the robe, you want it to be extra creepy, so give yourself a pale makeup job. Since you will be a dark monk, make him look a little sickly or undead. Besides footwear, which won't really show underneath your robes, that's about it. Have fun wearing your dark monk costume!

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