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Monster Fruit Recipe

Yes Halloween is largely about candy but it's not always! In fact, you can use fruit to make some of the best Halloween snacks of all. Here we have a trio of delicious ideas to whet your appetite. We are making banana ghosts, apple teeth and orange pumpkins.

The banana ghosts are made with bananas and chocolate chips, for the apple teeth you will need apples, peanut butter and either nuts or mini marshmallows, and then you have the orange pumpkins which are really easy but look great. Those are made with tangerines or small oranges to look like the pumpkin and celery to look like the stalk.

Arrange this trifecta of grisly treats on a platter for Halloween and everyone will be impressed! Plus, get your kids to eat those and they will be getting plenty of nutrients from the fruit. If anyone can't have sugary treats because they are diabetic or for whatever reason, this monster fruit platter is ideal. Just use sugar-free chocolate chips when making the banana ghosts, and choose nuts instead of mini marshmallows for the apple teeth.

What You Need

FOR THE BANANA GHOST: 4 bananas. 16 small chocolate chips. 8 large chocolate chips. FOR THE APPLE TEETH: Apples. Cashew nuts or mini marshmallows. Peanut butter. FOR THE ORANGE PUMPKINS: 6 tangerine oranges. 1 thin celery stalk (or cut one in half lengthwise if it's not thin enough).

How To Make Them:

First make the banana ghosts. You need to peel the bananas then cut them in half across the middle. Put the cut sides down so they stand up. Now you can use small chocolate chips to make the eyes and large ones to make the mouths. If you have extra chocolate, melt it to use as the 'glue' to help hold the eyes and mouths in place.

For the apple teeth, you need to slice the apples, then spread a layer of peanut butter on to one side of each slice. Now arrange about 6 cashew nuts or mini marshmallows between 2 slices of apple, using the peanut butter to hold them together. If you have some red decorator gel, you can put some 'blood' between some of the teeth for added gore! Add some candy 'eyes' on top too if you want or use those fried egg candies with black food coloring painted over the yellow bit.

If you want to make the pumpkins too, to add to your monster fruit platter, peel the tangerines, keeping the segments intact. Now chop the celery stalk into 6 pieces and insert one piece into the top center of each satsuma to look like the pumpkin stalk.

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