Monster Movie Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Monster Movie Costume Ideas

Are you looking for the best costume to give all of your friends the creeps this season? Sometimes it pays to look back on the classics movies for inspiration, Let's take a look at some great, tried-and-true monster movie costumes ideas.

• Frankenstein

The Frankenstein monster instills fear because of its scary face and large frame. For this costume, apply green Halloween paint for the face, or just were a mask. For your body you can go shirtless and paint your chest and be sure to add multiple scares.

If your too modest, or too cold to strut around shirtless, put on an over-sized, worn-out suit. It should be solid black, green, brown or dark blue in color. Include a black shirt beneath the suit and some large sized work boots.

Frankenstein may be scary but his bride is even scarier. His bride wears a white wedding dress and comes with open shoulders and frills on the front and back. It can come in large size or ordinary size. Frankenstein's bride has a beehive hair style that should be back with a streak of gray. Her face should appear milky white.

• Pinhead

A disturbing movie in and of itself, you may want to bring the master of sadism himself to life with your Halloween costume. Pinhead represents primordial pain, something that is present in all of us, and so is extremely disturbing to most people. Worse, Pinhead embodies the act of reveling in torture, a mixture of sadism and masochism that is bound to make the people around you wince.

For an effective pinhead costume, you're going to need a mask. Make sure that it is high-quality and realistic, or else it's not going to be nearly as scary as its film counterpart. Next, find a black frock like the one he wears in Hellraiser, ideally with a chest-plate portion that displays the pieces of torn flesh on his body.

• Freddy Kruger

This is a costume that would benefit from a store-bought mask, since, chances are, you didn't burn your face in a horrible accident. Makeup can be used to emulate this disfigurement somewhat, but you would probably have to add some latex prosthetics anyway.

Regardless of how you produce his creepy facial scaring, make sure to crown that mug with a black fedora and to wear his signature striped shirt. And of course, it's not Freddy Krueger unless you include the deadly claw-glove. For your bottom half, go with some dark pants and boots.

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