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Mothman Halloween Cosutme Ideas

A crypted and a meme, Mothman has grown to be relatively well recognized figure. Considered an omen of disaster who first entered the national consciousness in 1967, Mothman is now much better known thanks to modern media. This means he can make for a creepy and effective Halloween costume. The trick is getting all the proper materials.

• Face

Mothman is, in essence, a giant moth. Getting the face right can be tricky but an easy way to make it right is to find a relevant mask and just use that. if you can't find one, making one is an excellent option as well. Don't forget the antenna - moths have fuzzy ones, unlike butterflies. If you would rather go the face paint route, darker colors are the way. Be careful on the application, though, since too thick can irritate the skin.

• Glowing Eyes

Moths are largely nocturnal, and creepy glowing eyes are a part of that. Well, with mammals at least. For Mothman it's just to look creepy and ominous. Getting the effect while still being able to see might sound difficult, but goggles to pull off the effect are available.

Don't worry too much about trying to find a compound look, since the glowing effect is plenty enough for this costume. Plus, you still need to be able to see, after all. If you decide to go with makeup instead of a mask, the goggles might fit better. Take the eyes into account when selecting a mask or whether or not to use a mask in the first place.

• Body

Since Mothman is part man as well as moth, you don't need extra limbs for this costume. A black or suitable dark colored body suit will make you look suitable ominous and creepy. The glowing eyes will also double for safety at this point, as you might be hard to see on the street if you'rr out and about. Some stripes of glowing tape or other safety gear can add a touch of color as well safe traveling.

• Wings

Finding moth wings for this costume shouldn't be too difficult, since premade wings for cosplay are becoming more readily available. You could also try your hand at making them or have an expert handle it, but that can take time and money. Be aware of the size and shape of the wings when moving about, though, as you might bump into people or knock stuff over if you're not paying attention.

While the individual parts might seem difficult to find at first glance, they are actually pretty common costume items on their own. That means you just need to bring them all together to create the Mothman costume. You might have to look around a bit at different places and sites but bringing everything together should be the easy part.

Whether you go with a mask or face paint, make the wings and mask or buy them, and need to bundle up a bit because of the cold, making a properly ominous and effective Mothman costume is completely doable.

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