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Scary Movie Halloween Costume Ideas

The true spirit of Halloween isn't found in the candy or the lame parties, but in scaring the living daylights out of your friends. One of the best ways to do that is to become a character from a classic scary movie.

Once a year, you have the opportunity to be the life of the party by simply being the creepiest one there, so make it count by thinking carefully about the kind of monster that you would like to embody. Pick one that fits your personality, so that you'll have no trouble pulling off the attitude as well as the look. Here are some ideas for a few classic characters that people creepy (and sometimes amusing), and that will definitely be a hit at your next costume party:


Let's play a game. The game is called, "trying to put together a Jigsaw costume from scratch." This is a little hard, because he has a distinctive mask, so you may want to cheat a little and spring for a pre-made Jigsaw face that you can just slip on. If you don't mind stylizing a little bit, you can also try achieving the mask's design with face paint; you may not literally look like Jigsaw, but people will get the gist of what you're going for.

For the rest of the costume, you're going to need a creepy black suit, a white dress shirt, and a red bow tie. If you can manage to fit on a tricycle, that'll make things even better.

Freddy Krueger

This is another costume that would benefit from a store-bought mask, since, chances are, you didn't burn your face in a horrible accident. Makeup can be used to emulate this disfigurement somewhat, but you would probably have to add some latex prosthetics anyway.

Regardless of how you produce his creepy facial scaring, make sure to crown that mug with a black fedora and to wear his signature striped shirt. And of course, it's not Freddy Krueger unless you include the deadly claw-glove. For your bottom half, go with some dark pants and boots.

Dawn of the Dead

People can't get enough of zombies these days, and if you want to pay homage to Dawn of the Dead, or you're looking to participate in your city's Zombie Walk this Halloween, then it's not too difficult to get the kind of look that will scare people senseless.

The main thing to consider when making a zombie costume is to look disheveled. You're undead and have been wandering around outside, hungry for human flesh for a few weeks, most likely, so your clothes should be ripped and tattered, and your hygiene should not be top-notch. In fact, if you can smear some blood on your face and make your teeth look decayed, you're doing it right. Add some random wounds on your face, arms, and neck with make-up or latex prosthetics and you're ready to start groaning and chasing people around.

Beetle Juice

First of all, don't say his name three times! Second of all, the essence of Beetle Juice is in his hair, so make sure to pick up a messy, whitish costume wig and add some creepy yellow and green stains near the roots to bring out your ghoulishness. A striped suit with a hypnotic design like the one he wears in the movie might be hard to come by, so you may just have to get one from a party store. If you're stubborn and want to make one on your own, though, you could always get striped fabric from a craft store and put on together.

Lydia (From Beetle Juice)

So she's not exactly scary (unless teenage angst makes you run away screaming), but she's a very recognizable character from a classic comedy/horror movie. For a good Lydia, you're going to need a lot of black. Shop as if you're about to attend a funeral, and try to go for a black dress that hangs sullenly on your frame with a black blazer or jacket.

Next, grab a floppy beach hat that is also completely black, this will protect your pale complexion from the healthy sun. As for makeup, add some gray circles under her eyes and try to create a look that looks sleepless and gothic. With these costume ideas, you should be more than ready to meet the season in style.

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