Occult Halloween Party Games

For kids, Halloween means trick or treating and candy. For adults, it means alcohol and parties. Part of a good party is usually having some party games, and there's no shortage of spooky games and activities for Halloween party time.

Fortune Telling

There are plenty of ways to have some fun with fortune telling. Crystal balls are a common trope, but if you want to have some serious fun, a deck of playing cards or even tarot cards can make for all sorts of interesting results. Most tarot decks come with an interpretation guide, but a true fortune teller can discern more than just superficial meanings. If you want to add even more fun, turn the whole ordeal into a skit, with one person predicting the future and another acting it out.

Magic Spells

People have been trying cast magic spells pretty much since the start of civilization. It was a handy way for people to explain otherwise inexplicable acts. Plenty of grimoires have been published over the centuries and finding a modern translation would make for an entertaining experience.

For a more modern interpretation, a witch or medium can sit in front of a designated room and mix liquid positions into a large boiling pot. Next have one of the party guests (who is actually in on the gag) drink the magic tonic. The person can then act out different scenarios; for example, bark like a dog, speak Latin, or turn green.


Just as people have been trying to cast magic, they have wanted to commune with the dead to achieve closure. People's desire for peace in the wake of a tragic death is widespread across cultures, and a seance even occurred once in the White House. Though this one might be a bid too morbid for a lighthearted party, a medium and some hand holding can at least get the ball rolling.

Ouija boards can help as well and is also helpful for fortune telling. If you want to make a skit out of it (like with the fortune telling), feel free. Be sure to tell your friends/partiers that the seance is not about disregarding the dead but for entertainment purposes only. However, to be safe you may want the medium to bring back a pet instead, such as dog or cat. The medium can communicate with the animal by interrupting the pet's bark or meow.

With activities decided, you'll want to set the atmosphere for your party shenanigans. The obvious assistants are a fog machine and some background music. Finding appropriate tunes for the party is easier than ever in the digital age, which will be helpful for setting different tones and moods for different activities and events.

Fog machines are tricky to use and can cause problems if not properly ventilated, but when used responsibly they definitely help set the tone for a Halloween party. Add in some black and purple drapes and decor, maybe some toy rats and crows, and you have an ideal setting for some Halloween party fun. With a night full of card reading, spell casting, and communing with the dead, you're sure to have a party people will talk about for a long time.

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