Octopus Lady Costume Ideas

When it comes to costumes, some people like to get into really intricate designs and motifs. This not only makes the costume stand out, but it also allows for a lot of creativity to come into play. An octopus girl, or Cecaelias to use the mythological name of these sorts of creatures, is definitely a complex costume to create. It can be done, but you need to know what you're doing to get it done right.

• Face & Makeup

Too much makeup is honestly a pain to deal with, so best keep it light to avoid any more work and to prevent potential wear on your skin. As with most costumes, a color scheme is an important first step.

Octopi come in a variety of bright colorations, and some can even change their color as a form of camouflage. Pick a color you like and roll with that. Remember to check the ingredients for the makeup, since it will likely have to be geared for acting and not everyday use, meaning it will be a little thicker and can potentially irritate sensitive skin.

• Outfit

The classic octopus lady costume is Ursala from Disney's The Little Mermaid. This serves as a good foundation, since you're basically dressing as a mermaid, except with an octopus body instead of a fish tail. So, you can basically get away with a bathing suit for a costume.

For colder weather, some skintight clothes that match your color motif will help a lot. Such clothes can be found in exercise and ethnic sections, since along with warmth they also preserve modesty. To save on later work, remember to include your legs in the color scheme.

• Tentacles

Here's the rub of the costume. The tentacles are a key component but obtaining them will take some work. The cheap and easy route would be to find an octopus themed inflatable pool tube and use that. If you want to have some more fun with costume creation, though, consider those Styrofoam pool tubes kids use to bonk each other while playing.

Find ones of the appropriate color, add some pucker holes, make an end for the tentacle out of some sturdy construction paper, and boom, tentacles. Since your legs are already colored thanks to the outfit, you only need six more tentacles! Also, there are other sources for tentacle related paraphernalia, but be prepared to look in some unorthodox places for them, places that are definitely not kid friendly.

• Accessories

Here's a chance to have some real fun with costuming. A seashell necklace, some sunken treasure bits and bobs, or other nautical jewelry or additions will add some individuality to an already standout costume. You can have as much or as little as you want, depending on the concept of your costume and how much time and resources you have for the finishing touches.

It might take some time and effort to pull everything together for this costume. It has a lot of moving parts and might take some time to bring together. That said, with time and effort, you'll have a great costume that really stands out from the rest.

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