Women's Odd Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Odd Costume Ideas For Women

If your trying to create a different Halloween costume that will catch the attention of those around you; then check out these extremely odd Halloween costume ideas exclusively for women.

Tree House

First we have the enigmatic Tree House Lady. For this costume, you really want to put forth the idea that you have inhabited a tree for a number of years, perhaps even becoming a tree in some sense.

To start, you want to find a burlap sack that is your approximate height (if not, you can feel free to stitch together a few smaller burlap sacks.) Slice open the bottom and top of the sac and step inside. Get creative in how you cut it from here - perhaps cutting arm holes or wearing it like a toga. Using rope or yarn, tie it around the sack at about the waistline.

Next, using brown body paint, put some color across your face, shoulder, and arm to resemble a "tree bark" skin texture. Utilizing green paint and perhaps some leaves from the outside, make it appear as though you have some features of a tree upon your skin (taping or body gluing leaves to your body tends to look great!).

Finally, you're going to put your hair in a bun, and using some relatively clean twigs from the yard, stick them into various openings in the bun, making it a slightly messy bun with sticks protruding. This unique costume is guaranteed to gather some eyes in your direction.


Next, for all of the woman that love sewing / creating fashion, we have "button-down lady." To start, you can wear a dress of your desire, but I recommend a black dress with black fishnet stockings and black heels. After all, the costume should be a bit frightening. Add some black and red eyeshadow for an added effect.

Next, adorn yourself with a thick choker (which can be bought at your local mall at a low price) and drape some sewing thread over your head and shoulders. Using body adhesive / glue, sporadically glue buttons of different sizes and colors all over your body, including your head and face. Finish up by tying a bow in your hair / on top of your head, which can be any color of your choice.

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