Oracle Halloween Costume Ideas

Fortune Teller Costume Ideas

Are you a sage who can peer into the future and tell everyone about their fortune? On the other hand, are you so non-intuitive that you can't even predict what you'll be eating for breakfast tomorrow? None of that matters on Halloween.

• The Outfit

The first thing you will need are some long, draping robes. People don't trust psychics who just wear jeans and a T-shirt. You have to look fancy and world-worn, like you come from another age and are delivering a sacred message.

You can buy a pre-made fortuneteller costume and that might do the trick, but if you like the DIY approach and want a unique look, then spend some time at a thrift shop or a fabric store. Oracles have looked different throughout the ages, and you may want to put a unique twist on the stereotypical 'gypsy' costume that so many fortunetellers wear.

Once you've chosen your rags, you can throw in some jewelry. If you're going for the stereotype, this means having a couple of hoop earrings and some nose rings.

• The Props

If you're into fortune telling , you can get yourself a crystal ball. Carry it around and tell people that you're going to tell them their fortunes. You might even want to set up a little area for yourself and light some candles. What you say to people is up to you, but beware of being negative and telling people that their lives will go up in flames.

Some people believe in psychic powers and even if you may not be particularly psychic, your predictions might become self-fulfilling prophecies. (See the story of Oedipus Rex.) Are you ready to predict your friends future? Be sure to tell everyone the winning lottery numbers and you'll definitely be a hit in your oracle costume.

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