Pinup Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

Retro Pinup Girl Cosutme Ideas

Retro styles have been in style since they were just known as the present fashion. Considering how fickle and fleeting women's fashion can be the staying power of retro is impressive. It also makes for some easy costumes, as the clothes and accessories are usually easy enough to research and obtain. At that point, it just comes down to which costume style you want.

Cotton Candy

For whatever reason, checkers were really popular back in the late 50s. Considering the limited laundering technology of the time, you would think they'd go with easier colors and patterns to keep bright. Regardless, checkers are a big part of the trend, and that means they tend to be used in such costumes.

For this costume, a white opt with red checkers are the main focus. The checkers can be thin or thick, but thin and a light red or even pink gives off that wispy, cotton candy vibe better. For pants you can wear blue jeans or shorts.

Accessories aren't really needed, but the hair should be done up like in the old fashion magazines. Hairspray was really popular back them, but for the sake of your follicles and the environment, feel free to just hold it up with a retro looking clip or the like.


If you want to go back to a time when the world was more innocent and everyone smoked like a chimney, then consider dressing up like a 1950's housewife for Halloween this year! Here are some ideas to get you started:

• The Dress

Being a housewife isn't too complicated in terms of wardrobe. All you have to do is go to your local thrift shop and see if there's anything that could suit your 1950's style. Especially seek out second-hand stores that are in neighborhoods where a lot of old folks live; this is where you're more likely to strike gold.

Since it's Halloween, and you're going to want to be festive, pick a dress that is brightly colored. Something red, yellow, or even dark green could do the trick. You might also consider making your own if you can't find one in the right style.

• The Hair

Hair was different in the 50's. Go on YouTube and look up a few tutorials on how to do your hair in a style. If you don't want to sacrifice your own hairstyle, you could also buy a wig and style it how you want. Some wigs already come in a stereotypical style from some era or another. Try to find a good wig if you can.

• Accessories

Since you're a housewife, you're going to need a few things: an apron, some oven mitts, a muffin tray, and maybe even a frying pan to chase your husband around with after he comes home late from the office. So, do you want to give your friends a taste of the past? Rock around the clock this Halloween as a 50s housewife!

Polka Dots

Polka dot outfits might be hard to find sometimes, but you can find them if you look. This limits your clothing in one way, but also gives you some options in terms of color coordination. Most people think of red or black polka dots, but there's other color options available, like yellow.

Once you have a color of dot in mind, the costume can be geared toward that color. The clothes, accessories, and potentially even hair can all be geared towards complimenting the dots and making the costume pop with color and retro vitality.

Retro accessories like sunglasses in a similar style to back then isn't too hard, but finding some of the clothes can take a bit of research. Department stores aren't likely to carry polka dotted blouses, for example.

Looking through thrift stores and the internet are the best options for finding affordable clothes to pull off the retro look. Hair is pretty easy too, as "up" styles were popular back then. Putting hair up is easier than ever these days. With some research and a bit of prep, and easy retro costume isn't that hard to find and create.


The Hippie movement didn't really exist in the 50s, but the seeds were there in the form of proto beatniks. Oddball from Kelly's Heroes is a good male example of this sort of character.

For a female costume, some faded jeans and an old top in line with the Retro style will solidify the look nicely. Some gaudy, period appropriate sunglasses and a simple hair style will fulfill the look well. if it's cold where you intend to wear the costume, consider a rain poncho. That's pretty retro, in a way.

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