Pirate Halloween Costume

Pirates are popular in modern culture as they are often portrayed in novels and movies as romantic adventurers, rather then then the brutal men and women they were. None the less, it makes for a popular Halloween costume. Here's how to get things started:

Kids Pirate

If your kid is going to be a pirate for Halloween, first thing he's going to need is tattered clothes that can fit a small frame. Keep an eye out especially for the stereotypical red-and-white striped long-sleeved shirts that pirates always seem to wear.

You can either dig through piles of clothes at the thrift store, or you can buy a pre-made pirate costume, but there is something to be said about making it yourself, since it would be unique. You can get a three-cornered pirate hat, but a red bandanna would get your point across, too. Try to get something with a skull and crossbones on it. You might also want to get an eye patch to complete the look.

Pirates have to look pretty, too! In this case, though, you'll mostly want to go for some fake stubble. Sparsely rub some brown or black makeup on your kid's chin until it looks like a 5 (or 10) o'clock shadow. Depending on how you feel about introducing your kid to fake weapons, a 15th century-style revolver or a saber can be a great accessory for a kid's pirate costume. Just make sure that they're clearly plastic, of course. You don't want to scare the neighbors!

Men's Pirate

If you want to go for a simplicity, wear a black and white shirt, a skull cap or bandana and an optional eye patch. However, be sure to include a fake sord to complete your pirate look. For a scruffy look stop shaving a few weeks before Halloween.

• Captain Hook

If you want something more elaborate, there are few popular pirate captains that have been seen in movies to consider. First of all, there is captain Hook a fictional character that appears in Peter Pan. As the name suggests he is known for the left hook that serves him as a hand. In the right hand he usually uses a thin sword (you can easily find a this in a Halloween store). Hook sports a red velvet frock coat and a large red pirate hat. Be sure to wear classic black shoes or boots to complete the outfit.

• Jack Sparrow

Another popular Halloween costume for men is Captain Jack Sparrow from the movie, Pirates of The Caribbean. Sparrow wears a classical pirate costume, but there are two details that you should pay attention to; the hairstyle and facial hair and the hat/bandana. You don't have to buy a pirate's hat because Sparrow usually wears a red bandana.

When it comes to facial hair it is a good idea to grow beard and brad into dreadlocks. If you don't have long hair you can buy artificial dreadlocks. Don't hesitate to use discreet makeup because captain Sparrow is fond of it.

Women's Pirate

Female pirates were just as ruthless as male pirates back in the day. For a woman's pirate Halloween costume, your attire will be both tough and attractive looking at the same time. The complete outfit will consist of a blouse, scarf, skirt, vest, boots, earrings, pearl necklaces, bracelets, and cutlass. The last four accessories can be purchased at any novelty store, so don't think that you need to wear real jewelry or have a real cutlass weapon. These are just for show.

The front of the vest should have lace to tighten it on you. It will likely be made of faux suede on one side and flannel on the other side. The blouse should be white colored and rather loose. The neckline is elastic, and the cuffs of the sleeves should be jagged. Were a sexy top instead if you want to add sex appeal to your outfit. For a captain look, be sure to were a captain's hat and jacket.

The skirt needs to be a dark color, preferably black, and with a small apron covering it. As for the scarf, this will be tied around your forehead area. Make this a red or white colored velour scarf and let the excess fabric hang down over your right shoulder.

The boots will come up past your ankles and just under your knees. They can be black boots and rather sexy if you want. It depends on what kind of image you want to portray as the pirate. Some women will want to look completely tough and wear an eyepatch just like a man would. Others might want some more sex appeal by applying a little bit of lipstick and eyeshadow makeup.

The jewelry is something you can have fun with. Some women may want to wear lots of pearl necklaces while others may prefer gold necklaces and bracelets. But one thing you should try for is the earrings. Make them really big and elaborate, like with tiny skulls hanging from your ears. Either that or just leave them out entirely.

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