Pizza Delivery Guy Costume Ideas

Every day, millions of people love to eat pizza with lots of different toppings; of course Halloween night is no exception. If your looking to create a simple costume consider being a pizza delivery guy. Here's how to put it together:

• The Outfit

If not gainfully employed at a pizzeria you'll need to create an outfit. To start, wear a red short-sleeve knit shirt and cap. For pants were blue or brown jeans. If you want to get creative you can design a scary-looking pizzeria company logo and sew it onto the shirt or cap. Finally, you will need a box of pizza in hand to complete your outfit.

• The Pizza

If your going to be a pizza delivery person your going to need to bring a pizza to the party. If you enjoy cooking, you can create your own pizza, full of gross looking toppings. Get creative as possible, but keep in mind if the toppings look too disgusting, people might not want to eat your creation. Getting hungry for pizza? You don't have to wait for Halloween.

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