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Popular Adult Halloween Costume Ideas

The Halloween holiday is an event that many people enjoy as it gives them the opportunity to dress up in a wide range of costume options. While there are some classic adult costume options that are popular every year, most years the most popular costume options are based on current events or things going on in social media. This year, there are many costume options that are likely to be popular at costume parties across the country.


For men, one of the most popular costume trends will be to memorialize the show “Breaking Bad”, which was a very popular television show that ended on AMC. There are many different costume options for the show, the most popular of which will include dressing up as Walter White, in either a full trench coat and top hat, or simply in a dress shirt and his underwear, which are two of the most popular images from the series. There are also a wide range of accessories that could be used to finish off any costume, including guns, fake drugs, and ricin cigarettes.

For women, one of the most popular costume trends will be to dress up like Miley Cyrus. Cyrus came to the forefront of the nation’s gossip blogs following her performance during the Video Music Awards. Because of this, many women will likely dress up exactly like her. People will likely also see many couple costumes over the holiday where boyfriends and husbands come dressed up as Robin Thicke.

Another popular costume option will be to memorialize the popular television show “Duck Dynasty,” which is one of the most popular shows on television today. On the show, a family of self-proclaimed “hillbillies” are portrayed in their daily lives. The show has captured the interest of the nation, and many people are bound to dress up exactly like many of the characters. In fact, many of the national Halloween and party supply stores have started selling costume packets that will help anyone dress up like the famous family.

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