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Popular kids Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you scrambling to figure out what your children will wear for Halloween? Getting creative can be fun, but sometimes it’s best to start with the basics and build on that. Here are some ideas:

Devil - The classic main villain of mankind, the devil is a character that strikes fear into the hearts of children to this day. Your kid can be a cute devil, a suave devil, or a scary one—it all depends on the outfit.

If you’re going with cute, get a little red devil costume at a party store with some plush horns and a tail. If you’re going for something more suave, find your child a suit and get some prosthetic horns. For something more frightening, try finding a freaky demon mask. This last one works best with older kids.

Witch - With the popularity of Harry Potter, kids love to pretend that they’re witches and wizards. Dress your kid up in robes and give her a magic wand if you want a cute, Potter-esque witch.


Grim Reaper - What better way to teach your kid about death than to have him dress up as the Grim Reaper? This is a pretty easy outfit to make. All you really need is a dark robe that obscures your child’s face and a plastic scythe. If you want to make it creepier, you can add other touches like skeleton gloves or a skull mask.

Superhero - Almost all kids love superheroes and dress up like them. Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Catwoman, Wonder woman are only some of the popular superhero costumes that you can use when Halloween comes. It won’t take much time before you create these costumes because you will have the exact model right in front of you on TV or computer.

Pirate - It seems that in the past 10 years, the popularity of pirates as movie characters has significantly increased. Making a pirate costume is easy. You need black or brown pants, a shirt that comes in white color or white with black strips, a pirate hat/scarf and a sword. In addition, you can use a toy parrot on your kid's shoulder. If you want to make the costume a little bit scarier, you can use a black cover on the eye.

Vampire - Vampires are considered to be one of the darkest creatures in the world. They are present in the folk stories of almost every nation in the world. The main focus in creation of this costume should be placed on the use of make-up. The skin (especially on the face) should be very pale or even grayish. The hair should have compact form. It is also a nice idea to use some red color around the lips.


Cartoon Charter - If your kids love watching cartoon, you can make costumes that resemble some of their favorite characters. You will be amazed at how much they will want to flaunt their costumes. When making the costumes, ensure that you capture all the important details of the characters to avoid embarrassing your kids.

On the other hand, if you want the more traditional “mountain hag” style of witch, then get some latex prosthetics and makeup. Give your little one a long, hooked nose with plenty of warts. Find a ratted up wig and dust it with a layer a dirt. For a costume, you can get some raggedly old clothes.

Remember that Halloween costumes for kids don't necessarily need to be scary. Sometimes a costume inspired by some of the most popular folk tale characters like Cinderella can get the attention of your kid's peers. This is a simple costume that won't require much effort.

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