Rabbit Halloween Costume Ideas

If you're looking for something simple, sexy or scary this year for this year's Halloween party or even Easter, then a rabbit might be a good option. Here's a few ideas to get things hopping:

Basic Rabbit

Even though the sexual connotations of the costume are well known, a tasteful, cute version is also possible. Considering how some folks get around a more tasteful version is a good idea for more than just teens.

Adorable bunnies are adorable, after all. White and pink are the preferred colors here, however black is alight too. Don't forget the rabbit ears and bunny tail. Grab a carrot and you can perfect your Bugs Bunny routine, too.

As for clothes, in lieu of an actual bunny costume, a one piece swimsuit of the appropriate color can do the trick quite tastefully. Ears and a tail are pretty easy to purchase as well from any Halloween costume shop.

Sexy Female Rabbit

Thanks to Playboy, the bunny girl costume is probably one of the most well-known sexy costumes on the planet. The costume is not only fun for Halloween, but Easter as well. Bunny girls are cute, for sure, but as a bunny RABBIT, you are sex incarnate. Seriously, rabbits breed like, well rabbits. Donning such a costume visualizes the literal sexual prowess of the horniest animal on the planet, so you best be ready to make it work.

With these costumes, you can certainly find one online, and, if you can keep breathing, may even want to go a size or two smaller than you should to fit inside. Just how sexy you want to be is ultimately up to you. When it comes to a sexy rabbit, black is often considered the preferred color, but there's no reason you can't combine cute and sexy with white or pink as well. To truly walk the walk of a sexy bunny, confidence in your body is just as important as the costume itself.

Sexy Male Rabbit

The sexy male rabbit is easy to make and will catch the attention of most female party guest. For the upper part of your body simply go shirtless, for pants wear sexy black shorts. Complete your outfit with fluffy rabbit ears and a black bowtie. If it's too cold to go shirtless on Halloween night, you might consider wearing some nice blue jeans and a white t-shirt. For props walk around with a nice big carrot.

While quite a few folks will greatly appreciate a sexy half-naked male rabbit, not everyone will. Knowing the field before you strut your stuff is always a good idea, especially if you went through the effort of a finding a good pair of bunny ears.

Horror Rabbit

People don't generally consider rabbits very scary, unless their name is Elmer Fudd. Anyone who has looked at the bones, though, know just how terrifying the little lagomorphs can be, especially when threatened. Any creature that can chew through a raw carrot is not to be trifled with. That means that they can make for a surprisingly effective scary costume. In order to inspire fear and not desires for stew, though, one needs to handle the costume correctly.

• Face

With cuter costumes, you generally want to put on makeup and make yourself look like a cute little bunny. For this costume, though, a mask or bag with rabbit ears is a much better route. A bag made from breathable fabric and painted to resemble a rabbit face, with some ears, will provide a delightfully creepy look.

A mask can work as well. Masks can be uncomfortable to lack at from certain angles, and, combined with the rest of the costume, can look creepy without being as constricting as a mask. If you think you can pull off the makeup look, though, feel free to experiment. For a scary rabbit, you might want to emphasize the eyes and teeth to give them more of a wild look, rather than the cutesy nose twitch bit that's part of their adorableness.

• Outfit

As important the face is for setting the tone for the whole rabbit bit, the rest of the costume needs to be handled well, too. You could, in theory, just dress up in a rabbit suit and splatter some fake blood onto it for the look. That can work, but it's not the most creative of ideas. If you want to go that route, though, feel free for a quick, easy costume.

For a more involved outfit, consider a rougher, more rural look. Some old pants and a shirt with a homespun look will add a creepy and partially natural vibe, while also harking back to all those horror flicks where the killer lived on a farm for some reason. On that note, weather permitting, blue jeans, an old shirt, and some overalls can also work for this costume.

There is room for creativity and flexibility when it comes to this one, even if it doesn't seem like it at first. This means you don't have to worry too much about looking for the right outfit, because just about anything from a nearby thrift store can do the job. The ears and puff for a tail are common costume accessories, so it won’t be too hard to locate them, either.

• That's All Folks

While rabbits may not seem scary, any animal if cornered will defend itself. Add some classic horror flick motifs, and you have a perfectly viable creepy costume for all sorts of occasions. It may not be great for a kid's party if you're a chaperone, but it will certainly do the job at a costume party of the right style. Once the face situation is figured out, you have a fair bit of creativity for the clothes, so have fun.

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