Scarecrow Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween isn't just about scaring people, sometimes you want a funny costume that will scare the birds, instead. A scarecrow costume is a classic that is sure to amuse everyone, while hiding your identity conveniently under a layer of straw.

• Oz Scarecrow

Are you off to see the wizard? One of the most recognizable scarecrows in the world is the one from The Wizard of Oz. You can use a few different models for this scarecrow, from the Disney classic version to the creepier-looking scarecrow from Return to Oz.

However, you could use your imagination and come up with your own style. All you need are some raggedy clothes and a bunch of straw. It's a perfect costume if you're on a budget, since you can find ratty clothes in your closet or at a thrift store, and you can get a bail of straw for just a few bucks from a farm supply store. After that, head over to a costume store and find a suitable mask. Don't forget the floppy hat!

• Dark Scarecrow

If you're dead set on being scary, you can be a dark scarecrow. For this one, you'll have to dress in all dark colors; find black clothes if you can. Make sure that they are torn up and old. Similarly, get an old, floppy farmer's hat that has holes in it.

Get some straw to fill yourself in and find a creepy scarecrow or pumpkin mask at a costume store to finish up the look. Spread joy (and straw) everywhere you go this Halloween and dress up as a scarecrow.

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