Scary Halloween Costume Ideas

It's never too early to start making plans for your Halloween costume. This is a day (or night to be more precise) when people can release their creativity and imagination and create some dark Halloween costumes. Remember that the main point of this day is to be unique, so try to avoid using the same costume every year.

If your attending a horror themed party and are looking some scary Halloween costume ideas, keep reading my dear. Scary costumes are popular because it allows us to unleash our creativity and come up with all sort of horrific stuff. I've include a few disturbing examples below:

Skeleton Costume

A skeleton costume is easy to make. Get a black jumpsuit or track suit and then paint white bones to create a skeleton look. You can use a black hood and attach it to the jumpsuit. You can use face paint for the face or buy a skeleton mask to save time.

Devil Costume

The devil is an ugly creature with pointed ears, a pointed tail, horns and a forked stick. For the horns, get a head bow and attach horns on each end. The bow is then worn on the forehead. Get some fangs for a toothy, devilish smile add Halloween face paint the eyes to make them look evil. Red and black are the theme colors so get a red suit and black top or black suit and red top. A hood can suffice for the costume and black gloves. The devil always has his forked stick and a long, pointy tail.

Mummy Costume

Strips of white cloth will be ideal to complete this costume. Dress up in white then wrap the head in a white scarf. Cover the rest of the body in bandage-like white strips of cloth. The body does not have to be carefully or neatly wrapped in the strips of cloth but can be done in a careless manner. Ladies can wear a white dress then cover their bodies, including legs and arms, with strips of white linen or cotton clothes.

Hunchback Of Notre Dame

This scary figure adorns a hooded coat with short sleeves. Get an old coat and fashion out a hood. The hood can overflow to the front and back as a poncho. A waist belt will do so get a long overcoat and a belt. The ends of the coat and the ends of the sleeves can be cut out in a zigzag design where the limbs come out. Black pants and long boots will complete the hunchback look.

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