Kid's Mad Scientist Cosutme Ideas

Mad Kid Scientist Costume Ideas

We're never too young for science. Even if you're a kid, it's always fun to flex those logical muscles. If you want to look like a mad scientist who is planning to take over the world, then why not play this part for Halloween?

• Clothes / Lab Coat

If you're a mad scientist, then you've certainly been playing around with unpronounceable chemicals, and you don't want to get your regular threads smeared with ooze. This is why the first thing you're going to need to get is a lab coat.

You can often get these at uniform stores that sell scrubs and other attire to people in the medical field, but you can also easily find a cheap one at a Halloween store. In fact, if you're a younger kid, a pre-made costume at the Halloween store will probably be your best bet in terms of getting the right size.

• Crazy Hair

Whenever you watch a movie, how do you know that a character is crazy? , Of course, he has crazy hair, or at least a pair of disturbingly arched eyebrows. Give yourself both for this costume. Rub some gel into your hair and make it stick straight up. Buy some fake bushy eyebrows at a party store and glue them on at an angle.

• Accessories

Finally, where would a mad scientist be without his gear? Get a pair of lab goggles to save your eyes from the splash of all your toxic experiments. Carry around a bunch of test tubes and have differently colored liquids inside. You could also put gummy candy in plastic test tubes and pass them around if you're in a generous mood. Are you looking forward to your next big experiment? Throw on a mad kid scientist costume this Halloween and let your friends be your test subjects!

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