Scooby Doo Halloween Costume Ideas

One of the most iconic children's cartoons of all times is Scooby-Doo. For decades, Scooby and the gang have entertained kids across the globe. Not only is the television series entertaining, but they also make amazing Halloween costumes.

• Scooby Doo

Of course, you can simply buy a Scooby costume online, but there are definitely ways to make it your own. To start, you will need a brown onesie pajama suit. Using black paint (or black sewn-on fabric) make black circles on the shoulders and back. These are Scooby's famous spots.

Next, buy a blue collar with a gold pendant. If you don't feel like wearing an actual collar, you can always make it out of blue and gold construction paper. Be sure to wear a brown hood with a black spot for a nose.

Using white paint, create large white circles with black dots to mimic his large, expressive eyes/ Finally, using brown cloth or brown construction paper, fold them into ear shapes and connect them to the hood. Voila! Scooby Doo in all his zany glory.

• Shaggy

Most of the costumes from here on out are rather straight forward. First, wear a pair of black vans (or similar shoes) and brown corduroy pants. Next, wear a long sleeve white t-shirt and a lime green, short-sleeve shirt over it. Finally, be sure to adorn yourself with a "Shaggy" dirty blonde wig.

• Daphne

For Daphne, the most important component is the stunning strawberry blonde hair, so be sure to have a wig handy. Next, you'll want to wear purple high heels and light purple stockings. Daphne typically wears a long-sleeved purple dress and a light green scarf! Feel free to get creative with the makeup accessories you think can complete the outfit.

• Fred

Fred might be the most nondescript member of the group, but he still has some defining characteristics. To start, wear some brown work boots and a pair of denim blue jeans. He usually wears a light grey sweater and an orange scarf. Another important component of Fred's costume is the blonde hair.

• Velma

Finally, we've got the brains of the group, Velma. Again, this costume is rather straightforward. You'll need some black, slip-in dress shoes. Orange knee-high socks, a short orange skirt, and a large orange turtleneck sweater. Again, feel free to get creative with the costume. As long as you have the basic essentials, people will definitely know the character.

So there you have it, instructions on how to make a great "Scooby and the gang" costume for you and your friends. Indeed, be on the lookout at your next Halloween gathering, you never know when you will need to stop a crime and subdue a bad guy!

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