Sexy Women's Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is a sexy and naughty time of year when some of our more base instincts are celebrated. If you doubt this, just take a look at all the sexy costumes that people love to put on - it's practically a Halloween tradition, especially among the ladies.

Red Riding Hood

The perfect adult 'Red Riding Hood' costume is a patterned red sleeveless poncho. It comes with a white top and black slip petticoat with red laces resembling a cosset, and a checked apron. Be sure to include black pumps or low heels and a basket covered in a checked red cloth. If your looking for real sex appeal consider wearing a black leather dress.

Another idea is a large red skirt with a slit from the thigh downwards, black boots, a brown petticoat with laces, a white top with long sleeves and a red poncho hood. These do not have to be plain but can be patterned as desired.

If your on a budget, try to use cloths in your closet. For example, if you have mini-skirts or short dresses at home, then wear those. Those do not have to be white or of the same color. Just keep the under-dress bland so the focus goes on the 'red' cloak. If you have a denim skirt and a white shirt, you can wear that as well. Wear what makes you look appropriate for the role you are playing.

Sexy Nautical

A classic white and navy-blue outfit make for an easy sailor outfit. You can also go for a skipper outfit with a blue shirt. As long as you're playing with the cloth, consider fashioning a vest, mix up the colors, add a tricorn hat, and now you have a pirate costume.

For a saucier costume, reducing the amount of fabric and tightening up the vest are easy enough, or go for a short skirt instead. Since the main colors involved are white and navy blue for sailing, and black and brown for pirates, the materials won't be hard to find or expensive. As can happen in some costuming situations, making the hat might be the hardest part.

French Maid

For a lot of people, Halloween is about more than candy, it's about making an impression and maybe even winning a few admirers. A sexy French maid costume is a classic that is sure to turn heads and get your friends whistling.

• A Uniform

Obviously, the most important thing you will need is the uniform itself. You can shop for a pre-made one at a part store, or you can make one yourself by finding a (very) short little black dress with a few frills on the end. Add a white lacy apron and you're ready to do some deep cleaning.

• Apparel

Try some black stockings with garters or fishnets if you're feeling adventurous. If you feel that your haircut is not "maid-like" enough, then you might consider getting a wig online or at a party store. Top it all off with a little maid hat. You can also forgo the hat if you would prefer.

• Tools of The Trade

Depending on what kind of things you prefer to clean, you might have a different array of tools, but at the very least you'll need a feather duster! Go hunting for a classic feather duster, as these are the ones that work best with a French maid costume. Ready to try someone traditional and yet sexy at the same time next time you're invited to a Halloween party? Try the sexy French maid and impress your friends with a bit of skin.

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