Sheriff Costume Ideas

Howdy, partner! Nothing recalls old America like a Western Sheriff on the prowl for lawless bandits. Make yourself into the personification of pure justice by wearing a Western Sheriff Halloween costume this year. Here are some ideas on how to put one together:

• Outfit

As a sheriff, you're probably going to want to dress in black. Wear a nice Western dress shirt with a black vest and a pair of black pants. Some leather chaps would pull the look together even more. Drape yourself in an old West-style long black jacket and don't forget to add the gun holster. One way to make this easier is to get a pre-made sheriff outfit from a party store. Wild West costumes like these are very common.

• Headgear And Footgear

Part of having authority is having a big hat, so make sure that you get a large black sheriff's hat to complete your look. On the other end, you're going to need a pair of dark boots that you will use to crush the enemies of the law.

• Accessories

There are a few things that The Law can't do without out in the old West. First of all, you will need a gun in order to stop those varmints right in their tracks. You can find a fake revolver fairly easily at a party store, or even at a discount store for very cheap.

Next, you will need your sheriff's badge for some credibility, or else you're not going to be able to make any arrests. You can also get this for next to nothing usually, especially if you go with a generic plastic badge that's shaped like a sheriff's star. Ready to shoot up the saloon and get rid of those bandits once and for all? Try a Western Sheriff's costume this year and be on the right side of the law!

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