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Nun Halloween Costume Ideas

Have you ever wanted to be a nun, but didn't think you could live up to all of the boring lifestyle changes that it might entail? Why not be a fun nun instead like one of the characters from Sister Act? This slightly-sacrilegious costume will get everyone laughing, and if nothing else then you can help break some nun-related stereotypes. Here's how to put a costume like this together:


Obviously, you're going to need a nun's habit. These are easy enough to find at a party store because nun (and priest) costumes are very common for Halloween. Choose your favorite one on the rack, or mix and match different elements that are available.

Alternatively, you could also visit your local fabric store and make your own nun's habit if you want something unique.


These are what will set you apart from a normal nun who spends her days strictly inside the confines of her convent. Instead, go a little crazy! Put on some cool shades and play a few gospel songs on your electric guitar. Come to the party on a tricked-out BMX bike and do some tricks for people.

Better yet, be a skateboarding nun and grind some rails outside. Use your imagination and make your nun character have a zest for life that few nuns have.

Other Nuns

Why not get a whole convent together if you can? Recruit some friends (men and women) to help you in your cause to have the coolest nunnery ever. Run down the street together and have an impromptu dance-off. Ready to praise the lord and have fun at the same time? Dress up as a nun this Halloween and help people have a godly good time.

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