Kid Smart Costume Ideas

As much fun as costumes can be for adults, kids also get plenty of options when it comes to dressing up for occasions that warrant such efforts. They're the ones who get the candy, after all. With creativity and imagination, there's really no limit when it comes to kid's costumes.

Kid Ernistine

With crazy hair, glasses, and a lab coat, this is a great costume for kids who enjoy science or the chance to look older with the hair. Einstein's wild hair style was pretty famous. Adding the mustache will help the kid feel more adult, which is a great plus when it comes to dress up time. All the odds and ends needed for the costume are easy to find, too, which helps a lot.

Rocket Scientist

For kids who prefer the crazier side of science while looking less wild, this costume is a great option. You can use the Einstein outfit as a template, maybe add a pocket protector, too. If you want to have some extra fun, your kid can make a rocket pack out of old boxes. Add a spare helmet, and you have a Rocket Kid Rocket Scientist.

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

This costume can be easy if you know what to look for to get it to work. All you really need is an old suit, and those should be easy enough to find at discount stores. Kids grow fast, and so the suits can pile up for people who, for whatever reason, insist on buying them for their kids. So if you can find one in the right size, it should be pretty cheap on the secondary market. If you want a more satirical costume, add an orange wig for a Mini Trump. A young kid would probably enjoy the chance to randomly say "You're Fired", too.

Family Doctor

This costume can be pretty easy, too, and is a fairly common one for kids. A lab or medical coat get's the ball rolling, and kid ones can be found easy enough because the costume is so common. Add a toy stethoscope and a clipboard, and the costume is done. If your kid wears glasses or needs them for the costume, that will add a nice personal touch.

Kids costumes are generally pretty easy to buy premade. While that is certainly an option, if you or your kid wants to get creative, you can use those costumes to expand your options or create a costume from scratch. Kids love pretending and have no idea what they want to be once they've grown, so the costumes are a great way for them to imagine and have a great time without the stress of being an actual adult.

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