Suicide Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Suicide Squad Costume Ideas

For a lot of people, the only reason they watched Suicide Squad was for the Joker. But another favorite is Harley Quinn - this blue and pink haired girl is every Halloween lover's dream come true. Here's how to get the Joker and Quinn costume started:

• The Joker

To start buying a pre-made Joker outfit might be the most efficient choice. The Joker wears several different outfits in this movie, but the most striking ones would be a bit difficult to come by. You probably don't have a purple-tinted alligator-skin trench coat lying around.

You can also opt for one of his more scantily-clad moments by walking around shirtless with some black pants, for instance, but this would also mean that you'd have to wear a lot of fake tattoos. Get that sharpie ready.

Easily enough, Suicide Squad Joker has green hair like most Joker versions. Get some temporary hair dye and make your head neon green for the night. Keeping with the trend of grittier, more realistic villains, this Joker doesn't have that much makeup actually. Just make your face pale, the space around your eyes dark, and your lips red. Some silver grills on your teeth will complete the look.

Harley Quinn

Following her debut in the film Suicide Squad the DC character Harley Quinn has gained popularity. This popular character is everybody's favorite these days. The blue and pink haired girl is every Halloween lover's dream come true. Stand out in the crowd and turn thousands of heads with your unique version of Harley Quinn.

In the movie Harley Quinn is a prisoner before she joins the squad. You can wear an orange jumpsuit to justify that look. You don't even need to change the color of the hair with this look. Since it's a simple yet impactful attire, everybody can pull it off pretty good. You need to turn your hair blonde to go with this look.

• Post SuicideLook

If you're going with the post suicide squad look, you need to have tattoos on multiple areas around your body. Tattoos are among the most important parts of Harley Quinn's personality therefore it is important to have tattoos from head to toe.

Other than making hearts on your face, you can always buy some official suicide squad Harley Quinn temporary tattoos. You can place the tattoos on hands, face, abdomen area and arms. You can even place a few tattoos on the thighs if you want.

If you want to go with the short shorts look, then you definitely need to use pink and blue hair spray on your character's hair. Harley Quinn's obnoxious dressing and killer attitude is what makes her stand out in the crowd. You need to have all that in order to get that perfect Harley Quinn look.

• Accessories

The other most important part about this Halloween attire is a baseball bat. It is very important to carry a baseball bat if you're going with the post suicide squad. If you look closely at Harley Quinn, you will see writing on her t-shirt.

What you can do is get a plain t-shirt and write something on it with a golden or silver marker. You can also use paints for this job but using a pen or a marker is a much safer option to go with. Once you're dressed up as Harley Quinn you need to maintain a killer attitude. Chewing a bubble gum and having a crazy fun attitude is a must!

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