Swamp Creature Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Swamp Creature Halloween Costume Ideas

Lurking deep beneath the murky waters of the bayou is a terrifying entity known as the swamp creature. The swamp creature typically resembles a humanoid fish hybrid shape covered entirely with mud, leaves, and other greenery. Here's how to put such a costume together:

• A Body

To start, you'll need an old wet suit that you won't need anymore. Paint the entire suit a "swamp green" color (typically a dark green or olive). Also wear latex gloves painted in the same color. Next, you'll need a full body fishnet that you can drape over your wet suit. Be sure to gather some seaweed and other vegetation from a nearby area, or feel free to simply use fake vegetation/greenery.

This will create the effect as though you've been living in the murky swamp for years. Using dark green face paint, apply a generous layer across your forehead, cheeks, and entire face. Of course, what is a swamp creature without gills, to create the gills, purchase plain white paper plates with ridged edges. Paint the outer curve of the plate the desired green cover. Cut out a portion of the ridged plate and use body glue to place it on your necks, cheeks, forearms, and if desired, top of your head.

To create a more "aquatic look" purchase a muscular morph suit, which can be found on Amazon or at a local Halloween store for a minimal price. Using the green paint, paint large portions of the costume. This will create the imposing sea monster effect.

• A Tail

Finally, every intimidating swamp monster has a tail that they use to traverse the murky depths of their aquatic habitat. First, you will need a standard pool noodle. Start by cutting your pool noodle to the desired length of your tail. Next, paint the noodle the desired shade of green and drape a fishnet over the tail. Using the same foliage from the construction of your body, use glue to attach some leaves and seaweed to your tail.

• Final Thoughts

If you are aiming for a scarier depiction of a swamp creature, feel free to experiment with fake blood or even carry around a fake body part to let people know that you have claimed quite a few victims in your past. Swamp monsters have been depicted in such a wide variety of ways; it is hard to go wrong with any type of experimentation you choose. Above is simply a basic outline, but you can certainly take liberties to create your own unique swamp-dwelling monster!

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