Track Runner Cosutme Ideas

Track Runner Costume Ideas

Have you ever wanted to fly like the wind and blow your competition away? If so, you might consider being a track star at this year's Halloween party. Here's how to hit the ground running:

Athletic Runner

This costume is easy, get some athletic shorts, a stretchy athletic shirt, and some running shoes, like the professional runners. Print out a sheet of paper with some numbers on it and tape it to yourself. If you want to show off your achievements, can even have some Olympic medals around your neck.

• Coupes Runner

This costume has the same elements as the athletic runner except you need to apply dusty, pale makeup on your skin, since you're dead. Be sure to add some wrinkles as well, or some scary prosthetics. Included ripped t-shirt and shorts to enhance your creepy look. For the women, cover yourself with the same pale powder, but add some exaggerated lipstick and mascara.

Overweight Runner

Oh, the irony! Most track runners are pretty slim, but who says you can't fly like the wind with your lovely lumps? Just like the athletic runner, get some shorts, a shirt, and some running shoes, like the professional runners. Make sure to bring a water bottle so that you can periodically drench yourself in sweat. To make things more fun be sure to have a cheese burger (real or fake) in your hand as well.

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