Star Trek (Original Crew) Costume Ideas

Looking to go where no man has gone before? Well, chances are, plenty of people have worn Star Trek costumes, but you can be the first to wear one in your own unique way. Depending on what era of the franchise you're looking to pay homage to.

• James T. Kirk

Oh captain, my captain. If you're keen on being the leader of the crew, then you might want to be Captain Kirk for Halloween. Impress all of your Trekkie friends by wearing Kirk's uniform and doing your best William Shatner impression.

If you don't want to spring for a ready-made costume and want to build something inexpensive yourself, the first thing you're going to need is black pants as nondescript and futuristic looking as possible.

Next, find a dark yellow shirt made of some kind of athletic material, preferably something like a long-sleeved rash guard. Wear a black shirt with a short collar underneath and you're in business. Just don't forget to add the insignia of the Enterprise over your heart.

• Commander Spock

Being half Vulcan isn't easy, but thankfully you're all-human, so it's not hard to just hop over to the store and get yourself some pointy ears. The ears are key to completing this look, so if you can't find some explicitly-labeled "Spock ears," you might try using any kind of pointy elf ears you can get your hands on (unless your ears are already pointy enough).

The eyebrows are also a main feature, so get your girlfriend to pluck them into that inverted arch if you're brave enough. The costume can be put together from scratch fairly easily in the same way as Captain Kirk's outfit: find some black pants and a blue rash guard and add the necessary details to make it specific to Spock. Make sure to practice your "live long and prosper" hand gesture before you head out to your Halloween parties for the night.

• Leonard "Bones" McCoy

His uniform is very similar to Spock's, and if you're going for that old school Star Trek look, then it will be nearly identical. However, the subtle details are different. Have normal human ears, have a stereotypically 60's clean-cut hairstyle (or get a costume wig that fits the bill), and give off an air of a stern doctor with a matter-of-fact demeanor.

• Scotty

Being a little on the lumpy side helps with this costume, but the uniform is more or less the same as the others, except it will be a bright red. If you're going for the classic Scotty, then be sure to get a short, jet black wig if your natural hair is of a lighter color.

Lieutenant Uhura

For a classic Lt. Uhura costume, you're going to want to find a short dress whose hem ends just about where your hips do. Her dress is usually a deep, lipstick red color, and you might be able to find something like this inexpensively at a thrift store or online.

Add the Enterprise insignia and some hoop earrings as a final touch. All of these costumes can of course be purchased ready-made off the Internet but sometimes the fun is in finding your own components and making things work creatively.

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