Donald Trump Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Donald Trump Halloween Costume Ideas

Donald Trump is a business mogul, reality TV star and president of the United States. During this year's Halloween celebration, it would be fun to have a Trump costume because it's different from traditional Halloween costumes.

• Trump Mask

Masks are a great idea to bring out a character. There is good selection of fun Donald Trump masks sold online including They bring out his facial features and hairstyles quite well. Find a good Trump face mask and wear one with a nice, suit and your good to go.

• Shocking Hair

Trumps hair is unique and has been the butt of jokes, from Saturday Night Live, to late night with Jimmy Kimmel. You can get a large Donald Trump wig in white blond color. Ensure the wig has large hair that projects upwards and rolls a little towards the brow.

The wig will be the most outstanding part of the costume. A red tie or tie in another color. Donald is always in suits and ties so this is also appropriate. Finally a pin of the USA flag can be a part of the costume to symbolize his presidential ambitions.

• The Suit

Donald trump is also famous for his suits. Mr. Trump is normally dressed in a business suit and a hat. His choice of hat is a red cap that he places on top of his head. It barely covers his head.

For this a large red cap is worn on top of the blond wig and the costume completed with a dark colored suit. This embodies Donald Trump on the campaign trail and on his TV shows.

Find a quality, dark business suit to complement the outfit. A nice leather belt and good quality leather shoes should also be included. All these will nicely complement the basic Trump Halloween outfit and can be worn but both men and women to imitate the flamboyant politician.

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