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Vampire Halloween Costume Ideas

The vampire is a scary and mysterious creature. Although there is no evidence of their existence, many people get freaked-out when they see a person wearing a vampire costume on Halloween night.

According to one theory, vampires are dead individuals, cursed for eternity and must drink human blood in order to survive. Such creatures are traditionally male, however can be female. Plus they have superhuman speed, strength and the ability to fly. Some vampires have the power of transformation, taking on the form of an animal like a bat or become invisible. The vampire myth has intrigued people for centuries and has become a favorite costume to wear on Halloween night.

Old Timely Outfit

Most vampires are centuries old, so unless you happen to have been rendered immortal in the last decade, you will have to reach to the past to dress convincingly. Something from between the 1600's and 1800's would be particularly good, since most clothes from these time periods no longer linger in people's recent memory.

The key is to appear as a stranger in this era. You can also go the cliche route and get a suit and cape like Dracula from the Universal monster movies. Such a costume would certainly be instantly recognizable.


Not all vampires have fangs, but in Western culture people expect them to. Fake pointy teeth are easy enough to find at most party stores, or you can order them online. Like anything else, there are high quality realistic-looking ones, and low quality flimsy ones available.

Fake Blood

A vampire is only scary if he is actively practicing his vampirism, so show people what you're up to! Have blood dripping down the sides of your mouth. Smear it on your shirt to make it clear that you just recently had a meal. Carry around a wine glass with your favorite fake blood in it and offer people a drink if you want to gross people out.

Count Dracula

Thanks to numerous books and movies, count Dracula (Vlad the Impeller) is one popular dude. He originates from Romania and is known for his pale skin and hair style (every single follicle of his hair was in place). The items that you will need in order to emulate count Dracula is a cloak (black with red inner material), wooden cane, white shirt, trousers, waistcoat and cravat. Although count Dracula is a vampire he was known for his charisma and his ability to seduce young women.

Edward And Bella (Twilight Movie)

The Twilight Saga is one of the most popular movies about vampires and werewolves. Of course, Edward and Bella are the most popular characters in this show. Edward wears several different outfits in the movie, so he does not have a unique style like count Dracula, but you can focus on getting one of the same outfits as him and make your skin pale by using makeup. You can also imitate the look of his hair. The same protocol can be done with Bella.


The vampire costume that I have suggested thus far are somewhat beautiful in a macabre way, however if you want to look really horrific than choose the Nosferatu vampire costume. This is a little bit complicated because Nosferatu was bald and had pointy ears. So you will have to find a bald cap and do something about your ears. You can use elf ears and long fake nails.

Bat Costume

There is also a specific bat costume that looks something like a humanoid bat. You will need a lot of fake fur, pointy ears and you will be good to go. There are of course some pre-made bat costumes that will save you some time. What each of these costumes has in common is the use of fake vampire-like teeth and the use of fake blood or fake bite marks. I hope that these vampire costume ideas will help you have a great Halloween night.

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