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Men's Vampire Halloween Costume Ideas

Vampires can certainly be scary, although these days they are viewed in a more seductive light. Bring the creepiness back into this undead monster by wearing a scary adult male vampire Halloween costume this year. It's a simple enough idea, so you'll only need a few things:

Old Timely Outfit - Most vampires are centuries old, so unless you happen to have been rendered immortal in the last decade, you will have to reach to the past to dress convincingly. Something from between the 1600's and 1800's would be particularly good, since most clothes from these time periods no longer linger in people's recent memory.


The key is to appear as a stranger in this era. You can also go the cliché route and get a suit and cape like Dracula from the Universal monster movies. Such a costume would certainly be instantly recognizable.

Teeth - Not all vampires have fangs, but in Western culture people expect them to. Fake pointy teeth are easy enough to find at most party stores, or you can order them online. Like anything else, there are high quality realistic-looking ones, and low quality flimsy ones available.

Fake Blood - A vampire is only scary if he is actively practicing his vampirism, so show people what you're up to! Have blood dripping down the sides of your mouth. Smear it on your shirt to make it clear that you just recently had a meal. Carry around a wine glass with your favorite fake blood in it and offer people a drink if you want to gross people out.

Not every vampire has to be like the ones from Twilight. Put together an outfit that really brings out the blood-thirsty demon in you this Halloween with an adult male vampire costume.

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