Halloween Vegetable Garden Cosutme Ideas

Halloween Vegetable Garden Costume Ideas

Immune boosting and delicious to eat, vegetables are an integral part of our diet, and on top of that, they can be very funny looking. Whether its round like the tomato or long like a carrot, there are endless shapes and sizes - it also makes for a fun Halloween costume.

• Juicy Tomato

Ahh, the tomato. There is nothing tastier than a salad with a delicious, juicy tomato. To start this costume, you will need two red shirts. The first, a fitted short sleeve shirt, and the second an extra-large long sleeve shirt.

Additionally, you will need a pair of red pants and red shoes. First, put on the fitted shirt and place the larger one over it. Using some poly-fill bought from a local craft store. Proceed to "stuff" the poly-fil underneath the bigger shirt but outside of the small one.

When the shirt is plump and round in appearance. Sew (or have a friend sew) the bottoms of the two shirts together. This will secure the poly--il in place and maintain the large tomato look. Finally, wear a green beret hat with frills of green construction paper glued or taped to the top.

• Crunchy Carrot

What's up doc? A crunchy carrot is not only healthy, but absolutely mouth-watering. To begin this outfit. Wear orange, tight-fitting spandex pants and a tight, long-sleeve, orange shirt.

Be sure to wear some brown socks and sneakers to mimic the dirt often found at the tip of carrots. Using green string, tie a neat bow with very long strings around your neck. Using an orange cloth hat, attach large green leaves to the top using construction or craft paper. This part will act as the long carrot roots.

• Baked Potato

Utilizing the same strategy from the tomato costume, sew two brown shirts together after filling them with the desired amount of poly-fill. This will create the round potato shape but be sure to make it "chunkier" than the tomato.

Purchase a brown bucket hat, brown, baggy pants, and yellow shoes (these will act as the spuds commonly seen on potatoes.) Using yellow construction paper, crumple them into a variety of shapes and fabric-glue them on to the shirt to add more spuds. Feel free to be creative and add dirt or marks to the outfit.

• Squash

For this costume purchase orange shirt, pants, and shoes. these will act as the base for the squash costume. For the irregular shape of the squash, you can add poly-fill underneath your shirt until you get the desired look.

• Crying Onion

Last but not least, the onion. Wear tight green pants, a tight green shirt, and green shoes. Now, since the onions have such a unique color, we are going to use two very large cardboard squares. First, cut them into large circles. Paint them white and use purple paint to create a "spiral" effect.

Next, cut small circles into one of the large cardboard circles for your head and arms. Using a thin piece of elastic, connect the two halves and place it over your head to wear. Behold, the sliced onion!

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