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Warrior Halloween Costume Ideas

What better way to bring out your manly side at this year's Halloween party than to don a dark warrior costume? Warriors are fun characters that embody us, and they have many varied looks to suit your tastes.

Many popular TV shows showcase the epic warrior class, and if you're looking for a simple and easy costume that is sure to be a hit, then maybe you should give the classic warrior look a try. If you're not quite sure how to pull the costume together, don't worry, it simple - most warrior costumes are made up of just a few basic elements:

Some Kind of Amor

A warrior is vulnerable without his armor, so first you're going to have to find a set to put on. This armor can be as cheap as a plastic chest plate, or as classic as real leather. If you're willing to spend a lot, you could also splurge on some chainmail for a truly authentic look.

Since you're trying to look dark and menacing, wear as much armor as you can, it has a de-humanizing effect that is unnerving, especially when combined with the right headgear. Also, if you're covered from head to toe, you can just wear your regular clothes underneath and not have to worry so much about changing if you need to take the costume off.


As for shoes, a pair of nice leather boots should suffice. Try not to pick ones that are too modern-looking, and in fact they will look better if they're a little torn up. Since you're a dark warrior, find boots that are bigger than your usual shoes if you can, something that will make you seem taller and your footprints seem bigger.


This is sort of optional, but part of keeping yourself protected from the arrows being flung all around you is having a helmet. Depending on what kind of warrior you are, your helmet should be different and should reflect your class and culture.

For example, if you're a Greek soldier, you'll want a traditional Greek helmet. If you're going for a dark, evil look, though, it's probably best to get a helmet and mask that cover your whole face if you can manage it-unless it makes you too sweaty.


What is a warrior without his weapons, right? This is where you get to decide what kind of fighting strategy you're going to take. Are you the kind of guy who likes to target enemies from afar and deliver a deadly blow quickly? Maybe you should try a bow and arrow.

Are you a melee fighter who likes to hack and slash at goblins and orcs up close? You should probably find yourself a longsword. Plastic swords in particular are very easy to find at your local Halloween store, but you can also get some unsharpened metal swords to make your warrior costume more convincing.

These are all the basic things that you will need for a dark warrior costume. Of course, feel free to embellish all you want; part of having fun during Halloween is to put your own unique twist on things. Perhaps you could try to emulate the look of one of your favorite movie warriors, or warriors of a specific culture. The nice thing about such a costume is that it's unique and fun.

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