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Teen Werewolf Halloween Costume

Sine the movie American Werewolf in London, werewolves have been all the craze, so why not transform into a werewolf costume this Halloween?


A mask is going to be the centerpiece of the wolf costume. It is possible to get a wolf-like look from gluing on some prosthetics, but it will probably be easier and more convincing to get a mask that will cover your whole head and face instead. They even sell masks with movable jaws that will wiggle the wolf head's mouth in time with yours when you speak. This adds an extra later of authenticity and creepiness. Since you're a werewolf, try to find a mask that is well covered in dark fur that can blend into the night.

Since werewolves are usually humans who suffer from lycanthropy, you're going to want a set of tattered clothes to wear. Have some average, casual threads, but make sure they look a little messed up from your transformation. Perhaps they are split at the seems because your growing beast form burst through them. If you have holes in your clothes, stuff some fur in there that is the same color as the fur on your face; this makes for good continuity.

To finally pull everything together, find some wolf hands and feet that are made of fake fur and latex that you can wear like gloves. You can often find these at a party store, but you might want to look online to match exact fur colors with your mask. While you're looking, find a furry tale as well that you can stuff into the back of your pants.

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